• As I see the category this is posted in, I would suggest a negative rating instead would do just fine. EDIT: This was filed before under "Answerbag" so I think my response fitted the question then. Outside the Bag answer: No you don't need to stay quiet if you don't want to. You can and must say something if you honestly believe it will be taken as constructive criticism or your opinion is helpful in some way.
  • ... or you could pretend you didn't hear them or were distracted and say you have to go.
  • Yes, you should, especially if you have been directly asked to say something. The trick is to learn how to phrase negative comments so that they come out as constructive criticism or a neutral statement rather than as aggression, contempt or hostility. If someone asks you about a person whom you don't like, don't say 'I hate them!!'; say 'We don't see eye to eye on many things and we don't enjoy each other's company.' That a statement of fact without condemning anyone's character.
  • If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
  • If you weren't asked for your opinion then keep a lid on it..but if asked, be tactful as possible but be honest .
  • Even in family discussions or disagreements I do not state my opinion unless the person is present and I am asked , even then I try to be diplomatic with any negative points I may have to make and prefer to make those points in private.
  • Like a comedian once said, "If ya ain't got nothin nice or interesting to say, ya better have at least three tough friends to back you up!" This person was using humour to indicate that silence is better than saying what is not nice, as it tends to cause a hostile or negative response, which may need to be defended with more than just an explanation. Another comedian said, "Choose your words with care, make them soft and sweet, for you never know which words you'll have to eat."
  • Well if you CAN'T say anything nice... that would be hilarious. I think every voice and opinion should be heard because that's the truth.I rather someone be honest and rude to me than politely ignore something that bothers them. As much as I've been told to be nicer, I will always be frank because that's what I believe in.

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