• I think he should be with whoever he's happy with and whoever is happy with him. Just because everybody knows who he is doesn't mean we get to decide who he "should" be with.
  • He's a Father now, he should be with his KIDS. It really shouldn't matter who's getting the high, hard one as long as his kids are taken care of.
  • I don't give a hairy rats ass who Brad Pitt is with. I would have no use for him as he is a treacherous person to dump his wife for "greener pastures".
  • Angelina is hotter and smarter, she gets my vote
  • Don't worry, who ever asked this question, i will be alot nicer than the other people who gave there answers because i love celeb's. I think that it was very rude of brad to leave his wife for Angie, but he looks very happy with her, and he should be with who ever makes him happy.
  • maybe he should be with both of them
  • well, if i get my choice, then he should be with me.
  • I think Angeina Jolie should dump Brad Pitt and hook up with Jennifer Aniston.
  • Whomever it is, I think it would be just great if he could pick one and stick with her. This flopping around from one sex toy to another isn't setting a very good example for his admirers, most whom are young and impressionable.
  • JENNIFER FOR SURE!I kind of think that ONE DAY, Brad and Jen will be reunited1 Hope so!
  • I have no emotional stake in the relationships of people who I don't know, or even people I do know for that matter.
  • I care as much about who he's with as he cares about who I'm with. (But I do think Angelina is a large mouthed bass.)
  • I think he should continue to stay with Angelina Jolies, although I do wish they would get married. I think they work quite well together.
  • I should be with both Jennifer and Angelina. When you take away his millions, his good looks, his charity work what do you have? Probably a good bloke that you would want to share a beer with, but that does not matter. I deserve at least his cast offs.
  • I think its up to Brad, and the public shouldn't worry about such nonsense.
  • I like the Brad/Jen couple better. Jennifer is a lot more Wholesome than Ange. Ange has a crazy lifestyle, she's a terrible irresponsible mother and she's overly unnecessarily emotional and judgmental. Jen is easy going, smart, kind, consistent, and like i said, Wholesome.
  • Brad and Jen
  • I have never met these people. I will never meet these people. I do not care.
  • Angelina Jolie is hot and intriguing. Jennifer Aniston is plain and boring. It's easy to see why he chose Angelina over her.
  • Personally, I don't really care, but will say that he seems happy, kids seem to be an important part of both Angelina and Brad's lives, they have a nice family going so why should Jennifer even be mentioned? Jen is history as far as Brad is concerned, I think. Am I missing something?
  • He doesn't deserve Jennifer Aniston for what he did to her, and Angelina is a cheap hooker who just married Brad for publicity sake. I don't think he should be with anyone right now. He's a scum bag
  • After what both of them did to Jennifer Aniston they deserve eachother. Angelina Jolie is nothing but a homewrecker and for Brad not to say NO to her tempting him at work he's just as bad. Brad and Angelina should be spending their money on a psychologist to attempt to get some moral values instead of spending their money adopting all these kids that they pay other people to take care of. I feel bad for those kids to grow up and find out how who their parents really are inside.... sad news.
  • I think he should get back with Juliette Lewis.
  • I think Brad was stupid to leave Jennifer. I also think that after what he did to her, he and Angelina deserve each other. I also think he's paying for what he did because he's starting to age a lot since he's been with the succubus.
  • Brad should go with his heart and 'love the one you're with'.........

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