• Rabbits are very simple. They always go to a corner to do their job. Find the corner they prefer and place the litter box there. The rabbit will go to the litter box every time.
  • Well i litter trained my rabbit about a month ago this is how i did it. 1. i took a shoe box and took the lid off then cut a long side down so my rabbit could get in. 2. Next i put duck tape around the sides of the box so my rabbit could not eat it and i put duck tape on the bottom of the box so it will be easy to clean. 3. I mounted the box in on the ground. 4. You need to put a few of her surprises into the box so she he knows that they have to go in the box. 5.It may take 1-2 days for your rabbit to go into the box. P.S A helpfull tip is that your rabbit may eat the litter bedding it is ok for them to eat it. And also inbetween the ages of 1month and 8 months you may notice you rabbit eating some of ther surprises it is normall do not worry they grow out of that habbit.
  • Rabbits are naturally clean animals, so they will usually try to use one area of their cage for bathroom needs. Find which corner of their cage they are using the most, and put a litter there. You can use anything from the pet store corner high back litters to tupperware containers with bedding in it. The second thing to remember is that a very very young bunny will not get it right away - give a younger bunny time to figure it out. To littler train, you have to be very diligent, but once you are, the rewards are worth it. Let the bunny out in a small area. Have a litter in the area. If the bunny starts to pee outside the litter (it is very obvious once you know what to look for - they will back up and squat with their legs apart) say NO firmly, and shoo the bunny toward the litter you provided. Wipe up any pee with a paper towel and put the paper towel into the litter (this way the bunny will smell his pee and get the hint). Also, any poo that is outside the litter - do the same - pick it up and put it into the litter. Once the bunny starts going in the litter to poo and pee, give him a bigger area to play in and repeat the litter training steps if he doesn't stick to it. You HAVE to spend time with your bunny to get this to work. Another good idea, if to put hay inside the litter to encourage the bunny to spend time in there. He will go into the litter to eat hay, and will keep his poo and pee in there too.
  • Well mine she doesnt use the litter box, she hops back in her cage literally, but that isnt the point, i put alpha hay in the box so she'd eat, and go cuase she spent along time eating, and i disiplend her whaen she didnnt go in the right spoy...
  • Watch where your bunny pees. Put a box with hay or wood shavings and hay (to chew when he's doing his business) right on the spot where he peed. Bunnies choose their toilet spot themselves. My bunny has his own room to himself and I keep 1 box in his cage and 1 out. He's so smart, he never leaves any poops around the room. He's doing #1 and #2 always in the box!
  • Has anyone ever litter trained a chinchila? I am told they are very smart. Thanks!
  • If your rabbit is large, use a cat litter box. If it is a smaller dwarf rabbit, use a cake pan. Fill it with a paper based or natural litter like Eco-straw or Critter Country. There's one that's called Today's news or something which is safe paper. Confine the rabbit in a large cage with it litter box. Notice if it uses one corner more than another because they do like to do it in one place. Put the box in that spot. Once the rabbvit is using the box, then you can enlarge its area slowly making sure it only uses the box. You can't punish a bunny for its mistakes. If you catch it peeing in the wrong spot, lift him quickly and place him in the litter. Slowly increas his area till you trust him at freedom. It takes a bit of time but it's not too hard. Good luck :-)
  • well first put the litter box in a place the bunny knows where it is. then put some hay in it. they bunny will jump right in and chew it then do its buisness. if it pees somewhere other than the litter box clean it up with a tissue then put the tissue in the box and place you bunny by it and let it sniff. this will let your bunny know that there is some point in useing the box. NEVER HIT OR PUNISH YOUR BUNNY EVER!!! you should not be using wood chips or cat litter. use a newspaper pelet of some sort. hope this helps!!

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