• As long as you haven't been convicted, then technically you aren't an "offender" yet.
  • Sadly the government looks for anything and everything to get you convicted. That will be used against you. Sorry to say, but from experience, the government is business of criminal acts. If anybody should be in jail it is them.
  • In Tennessee, it would amount to a violation of probation and the second conviction will send you to jail for the violation.
  • never in my life been in trouble. got a divorce from 12 years, got with the wrong crowd and i started making bad choices. i went to jail on a drug charge when i got pulled over in a ramoned traffic stop. six months later i went to court and pleaed first offender and got 5 years probation.But during that six months that i was waiting for my court date, stupid me got caught up in stealing ( that was nothing like me, never stoled nothing in my life. wrong crowd, but it was my fault)it came all down on me. And had a warrent on me for 7 couuts of theft. so i turned my self in. now im waiting on that court date. all this happened before my first court date when i pleaed first offender on drug charge. when i go to court on theft charge , How is that going to effect my first offender act.

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