• No i don't think so but i think the titles of films need to be looked at...snakes on a plane, a scanners darkly, the constant gardener...need i go on??
  • I wouldn't say that the quality of movies has gone down. It's more like: the DEMAND of quality movies has gone down.
  • Quality movies are being made; you just have to do a lot of sifting. I don't think there ever was a time when more good movies where being made. The good ones are just the one's we remember and become classics.
  • Yes, but I would say longer. I'd say it has been going down over the last forty years and hit the point of drug induced sleeze about 35 years ago. It had brief upticks in the '80s and '90s, but I haven't seen one trailer that could entice me into a theatre since the Lord of the Rings, and even that was mostly special effects that left out the heart of the books. The last movie that I really liked was The Patriot. Most of the movie stars I see these days are wholly unattractive people so self absorbed that it erases any physical attributes. Where are the Jimmy Stewart's, the Dick Van Dyke's, the Lucille Ball's for this generation? Where is the Casablanca for this generation?

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