• soak it in bleach, then wipe it off a couple of times. Then, heat it under a lamp to make it crisp again. Repeat process.
  • first off, regular bleach will work, but it takes a while. Start by ironing $1 bills, not torn. For a quick removal of ink, combine nail polish remover (acetone), hydrogen peroxcide, bleach and I like to use clorox cleaner with bleach as well (maybe its a psychological thing, lol). WEAR GLOVES, the solution will get hot. Ass the peroxcide and nail polish remover last, they cause a chemical reaction, the heat and bubbling, but not big deal. Bills sit for about 10 minutes at a time, three time. After each time, take a dried baby wipe (tough yet soft) and wipe in a circular motion to remove the ink. After three times, rinse the bills in hot, then cold water. ANY BILLS THAT ARE TORN, DISCARD AT THIS POINT, as it will cause a problem with printing. Put the bills in white envelopes, under a heavy object and let them dry for a few hours, i go overnight. After drying, iron the bills again. There is a problem getting to use small paper on an inket printer (mine is semi expensive about $600). So, place a real bill (use $20, $10 or $5, no higher, no lower) in the copy portion of the printer. Take the blank bill, and tape it to a normal sheet of paper, figure out where it must go to match the copied paper. Print one side. BEFORE PRINTING THE OTHER SIDE, LET THE INK DRY After it has dried, completely, iron out all wrinkles again, this is important to avaoid jams, as is the placement of the tape (and thickness). Prink the other side. WALLAH!
  • well as i have to agree with sfefkkl i have a much quicker way to remove the ink off of a bill, first get a new bill or you can use a bill thats wrinckled as long as it has not rips on it then get out some standard oven cleaner and spray the front and back of the bill with it then put it in the microwave for about 5 seconds give or take a couple of seconds depending on how old/new the microwave is now take a damp spong not a soaked one but not dry put the sponge under a faucet then ring it out then put the bill on a flat surface and scrub the front and back within 5-10 minutes you can have a completely blank piece of treasury paper then if theres any of the ink left then iron the bill flat then soak it in bleach and its ready for printing
  • put gizz on it
  • remove ink from money
  • whom can i contact for a start of counterfeiting (money) business?

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