• Between Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, and a host of other government provided healthcare programs, the US is already half way there. The insurance companies realize tat health insurance is quickly becoming too expensive for most workers and most companies. In a few years, (10,15?) you will see the US go to a government controlled system. Meanwhile, the states and the people are on their own.
  • I hope not, I am staying in Spain right now where health care is socialized. Yes it's free and every one gets the same care, but it takes months to get a simple X-Ray for a non life threatening emergency. I mean this literally, my boyfriend has a leg injury and has waited for tests over 4 months now. He is unable to walk and in great pain, this lead to the development of a blood clot in his lung. Socialized health care is just a mess! Not to mention, we have Socialized health care in the USA for people who can't afford medical treatments. It's called charity care, and people abuse it already. In a country populated like the US, with the immigration troubles of the US, a Socialized health care plan would just kill more people then it would help. Let those who can buy insurance and those who cant use charity care. All systems have their ups and downs, but from my personal experience with health care both insured and not in the US, and the Socialized systems of foreign countries, I will go with insurance any day.
  • maybe not socialize but the system needs to change somehow to make either treatment or insurance more affordable
  • No, that would destroy the best health care system in the world.
  • I do not have the space in this answer to view all the thousands of reasons why the US desperately needed socialized health care years ago, and should have it now.It stipulates that every human has the right to total health care regardless if they can afford it or not.The US health care is based on the insurance companies and they could lose billions with socialized health care.They have no care for the general public.It is human dignity that Universal health care be adopted,and a benefit for the general population and not the corporation.
  • NO WAY!!!! Here is why socialized health care is terrible would be required to pay into it even when you don't use it 2.....the quality of care would go down the tubes would have longer waiting lines just to get simple treatments 4......the medical research that goes on in this country would basically stop...this causing many new drugs that could save lives to never exist. 5......socialized health care isn't health is a type of government control because.... you are required to go to doctors they tell you to go to and pay how much they tell you to. the reality is, many of the uninsured americans that don't have health care CHOOSE not to have it....because they are either young and healthy, or they would simply like to spend their money on something else....and then there are those who genuinely can't afford it. P.S. we do have one of the best health care systems in the world because the Quality is almost second to none, and we produce many of the break through research that saves lives. And because it is optional socialized health care would be terrible for america
  • No, because we need our health care system to get better, not take a huge step backward.
  • Yes it should be socialized. The high cost or profit level required today at every level of the heathcare infrastructure needs to go away. The focus needs to be on how a quality healthcare service can be provided to all the people residing in the US and not just the privileged ones. If a program applies to all, then the systemic problems present will be recognized and corrected for the benefit of all the people.The insurance concept needs to be over with, its been polluted since the HMO. It funds a system based on paying for high priced individual items to care for an individual. This model of pay a la carte is the problem. Currently, there is a desire for high profit in every component of the system, so the total cost to care for an individual is enormous and escalating over time.Hospitals need to be properly funded by the government to operate so they can provide services for people, billing for individuals needs to go away. Doctors should get salaries like the rest of us. Not paid by the case. People may exit the medical profession, others may enter who just want to be doctors and help people. I am not saying doctors should not be well paid, I am saying they should have a reasonably high fixed salary with perhaps small incentives given for actually helping people with their health. 80k to 150K per year seems like a decent salary to still attract people to the field. Lastly the drugs and supplies need to be price negotiated centrally for the whole country with the suppliers directly. If you want to sell your product in the US it must be competitively priced with the rest of the world and based on our volume we should be getting the cheapest price. That's my concept.
  • No, socialized Health Care actually doesn't work as well in some parts of Canada as you think. In an ideal world, socialized health care would be great, but it hasn't really worked yet.
  • no only important rich people should be allowed to live
  • no'this is a democratic repbulic, we can't model after any other country. I don't like Obama, but agree with him on at least this point, we need a plan that is uniquely American If I get cancer and have 6 mts to live, it don't want to be put on a 6 mth waiting list for treatment. No doubt the system is broke, but HC for everyone, for free, is not the answer it would overload an already strained system

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