• A Giraffee, the reason is just cos I love them! I want one as a pet but the misses wont let me (besides, it would be cruel to the Giraffe!)
  • A Sloth. No natural predators, eats for 1 hour a day, and sun-bathes and sleeps the rest. What more could you want.
  • Oh this is absolutely no contest. A cat. Spoiled rotten, allowed to sleep all day, one or more humans at beck-and-call, with no responsibilities or expectations to live up to. Sometimes I think the whole of humanity is just a complicated service and support system for cats.
  • prolly angela jolie's vibrator...i hope that's not to offensive
  • A bird. Free to fly.
  • Reincarnation is a step by step, multi life process for living the lessons needed to achieve a oneness with the Great Maker and eventually join with and become united & equal to/with. I would want to be the next Buddha.
  • A snake. Feared by most, only have to eat once a week or so, can get into spots that most can't. Or a chameleon. My wardrobe would be colorful, I'd have a rather loooooong tongue ;), and I could see all around without moving my body much (just my googly eyes).
  • bill gates
  • I think that most of the belief systems that use Reincarnation don't offer much choice. YOUR activities in your current life determine the Reward or the Toil that you'll experience in the next one. Old Joke: "I want to come back as Secretariat (a famous race horse). He's young, rich, and has his entire sex life waiting for him!"
  • A dolphin, I think
  • eithr a wulf or a cheetha... jus fascinatd by thm beasts... peace!!!
  • Ok ... First we have to realize that we can ONLY come back as a human being, NOT any type of animal ... and that we CAN cross gender lines during reincarnation .... As for myself ... I'd just as soon come back as a Native American, son of a Shaman or High Chief ... as I would love to learn more of the ways of the elders ..
  • Tough question,As for myself ... I'd just as soon come back as a girl.
  • you mean, if we were reincarnated I think.....
  • I reject that theory emphatically! There's no way I'm going to do this all over again.
  • I'm not coming back. When I check out, I am gone.
  • i wouldnt want to come back at all, ive had enough of this place

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