• Umm... no. At least not in my experience. If you have been spending more time with your girlfriend, this friend of yours needs to understand that sometimes you will want to do this. I can bet that if they found someone they cared for as much that they would be spending a lot of time with them, too! While it is normal for friends that you spent a lot of time with (prior to the relationship with your girlfriend) to be a little jealous, I have never, ever encountered a friend that would ask that sort of question. Maybe the friend was simply curious, but it seems to be that there is almost an underlying ultimatum there which (in my point of view) in 99% of cases simply is not appropriate.
  • No, its not normal. And not a good one to ask. Whenever a person asks that kind of question, that person should expect the answer he/she doesn't want to hear or in other words the person who asked that question is not the one who will be chosen, got it? Frankly speaking, its selfish to ask that kind of question because a best friend and a girlfriend/boyfriend is different. And I believe a person needed a lover and a friend. The person need not to choose.
  • Normal...yes. A friendship is based on mutual trust and acceptance. If everyone only needed one friend, then there would be many more of us without any friends.
  • Normal, or not, isn't really the question here; unless, your best friend is of the same sex and they are asking you this, then it's VERY ABNORMAL! However, if it's an opposite sex friend, then whether it's normal, or not, isn't really the issue at hand as much as why your best friend would ask such a question. It sounds like your best friend has romantic as opposed to platonic feelings towards you. You may wish to address your best friends' feelings towards you, in order, that you don't mislead your best friend into thinking that you share his or her possible romantic feelings towards you. It's rather inappropriate that your best friend would ask such a question, but again, it might have been one of those hypothetical questions that your best friend was simply asking as opposed to meaning something else. It's always best to ask before jumping to conclusions because miscommunication can take place; thus, leading into an argument. I hope this helps!
  • I'm curious to know how you answered. That was a bad question to ask for two reasons. 1.) your freind is questioning your relationship with your girlfriend which is no way for a best friend to act and frankly not his/her buisness. and 2.) because it assumes you have some sort of romantic feelings already established towards your best freind- which it seems have not even been discussed. By asking this question it creates a breach between your freind and your girlfriend.
  • It might be if you and your best friend were really tight and spent a lot of time together then you ignore the best friend.

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