• Plan A: Sit her down and talk to her, calmly, easily. Plan B: You can start spending time with her best friend, especially if you're really nice to her, she'll so fall for it and she'll eventually give your girlfriend away. Plan C: Tell her, calmly, that untill she comes clean you won't speak to her. And do. Works fine, but may lead to evil consequences. Never be agressive, as agressiveness leads to nowhere in such situations. Plan A is best, Plan B takes time, Plan C is evil.
  • Im curious to know what you think she's lying about. But I would say that tell her you suspect something, but youre giving her the benefit of the doubt because you trust her. If she's innocent, she'll feel complimented. If she isnt, hopefully she'll feel guilty and confess. Worth a try?
  • well you should sit her down and ask her. if you trust her she is telling the truth, if you dont trust her then she is lying. its all about trust in a relationship

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