• I was going to say going nude...but for a stripper it would be appropriate. You've stumped me. Everything I can think of is appropriate for SOMETHING.
  • For most interviews you should dress smartly - preferably a suit, but at least a shirt and tie, or a blouse and mid-length skirt/ trousers for a woman. Even if you're applying for a job as a bricklayer and will spend your whole time in jeans and a vest it's just the done thing to go to the interview looking smart - it shows that you have respect for the employer, and have made an effort - which in turn shows you're taking the application seriously, as opposed to having just rolled out of bed. So other than the blatantly ridiculous (nude, dressed as a clown etc) avoid the following: - jeans -anything ripped or stained - shorts - combat pants -trainers - skirts shorter than a few inches above the knee -anything with a large logo or slogan - shoes you can't walk in properly - anything other than shoes that's made of leather or PVC.
  • probably anything thats clean
  • Jeans and tennis shoes. NEVER apply wearing those!

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