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  • Yes. In my opinion, it causes a lot less grief and pain than alch. That's just me though.
  • Yes! Billions are spent without effect on drug interdiction, anti-drug campaigns, to say nothing about the billions spent on jailing people. Families are destroyed by these hypocritical drug laws and its time the laws were dropped so that the money spent on prosecutions, prisons, interdiction, and welfare to the families of prisoners could be spent on more important things, like education, housing and a universal health plan.
  • Yes, marijuana is very safe - safer than alcohol. If I could go to the cannabis shop and pick up a nice sativa strain that will give me a good cerebral buzz that would be awesome. I don't really like indicas for during the day they make me fall asleep.
  • Yes, the goverment to regulate it, tax it and we would have no deficit and no drug lords/gangs to worry about. the rehab industry would love us.
  • And also to be used therapeutically and medicinally. Actually i would make alcohol use more strict: forbidden to rage-alcoholics.

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