• I think it is important, but at the same time the school system is a one-size fits all approach which does not really fit all.
  • school? No. Education, yes. Is it the states responsibility to educate everybody? no. Schools provide less education every year, because we are lowering education requirements to pass those who do not even want to learn. I have been forced to educate myself on many things, and have learned much more than I have from school. But in the society that we live in today, employers want to hire those who have a high school diploma. So I suppose it depends entirely on what you want to do and where you want to live.
  • I think school is important. School is very important to getting a career. You would not get anywhere without schooling.
  • Yes. I think, at least the grades you come out with could potentially alter your future (unless, of course you're talanted, lucky or have a rich and famous father). I think if (for the vast majority of people, at least), you blow your grades, you blow your job, but NOT ALL THE TIME! There's always an exception or 5.
  • School is not just important, it is crucial. Home schooled kids are missing out on so much. They are at the mercy of their parent's viewpoint solely. They lose out on the social skills every child needs by sharing and learning amongst their peers. Of course, there are many examples where home schooling is fantastic and maybe necessary, but most parents have their own agenda. I know of one overweight, very shy child who is quite bright, but very lonely and has zero friends because her parents are clueless as to a child's needs.
  • Education regardless of where it comes from is what is important. Not all education comes from schools. Schools are important because it helps you to think about a number of different things and the ability to reason them out. School is a great help for this but many very succesful people had little or not formal education but even they would tell you school is important because it makes many things easier to deal with. So yes, school is important because it makes it easier to attain your goals in life.
  • I do think knowledge is important, and the oportunity of spending your childhood with kids your age, making friends in a safe enviroment. I DON'T like the way school and education is treated in my country. It seems it became another mechanism of massification, where they alienate children and teach them to feel the learning process as a burden. No school here pays attention on the kids' vocation or passions, their methods are the same they were 20 years ago and kids have changed dramatically. They DON'T prepare them for the real world, they just numb them and drop on their little backs from a very little age the sense of responsibility, meaning spending most of the time of your day doing something you're forced to do but not really like to do.
  • I think education is very important not just for a career. however so me of the education now a days aren't for anything but the schools to make money. IF someone is going to school to become x why do I need to have so many electives? Normally they are just to fill time, SCH or in other words, pay more. Some electives, can take a student another 6 months to a year in order to get a degree.
  • I think, of all the endeavors of man, education is the most important. Not indoctrination, but education. How do you teach "thinking"?
  • Education is very important, school or no school. Education opens people up to more opportunities in life.
  • School is very important, but even more important is the quality of education one receives from an educational system. Sadly, too many of our schools here in America are becoming just a "babysitting" place and, overall, the quality of education is nowhere near what it used to be; consequently, we're having a hard time competing with other industrialized nations in terms of education. If I'm correct, I think we're no longer #1.
  • School itself isn't important. Receiving an education is though.
  • Yes. It teaches you how to solve problems. That is the biggest challenge most people face. Some can solve problems and some can't. That is what makes you valuable to a company.

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