• DON'T DO IT! That's gross
  • I like it, I know alot of girls (and guys) who have them. They look great. They tell me it doesn't hurt either, and costs about $60.00 around here. I've have'nt had that done yet, but I HAVE had over 15 other piercings. Only time will tell!
  • Rings or Barbells, through the middle or on the side- what looks best through your shirts and will it bother you when your wearing a bra. my wife has to make a space in the pad of the bra for her barbell or it gets sore. but when your nude and having sex it can be a real turn-on! go get one done.
  • If you have really thought abt it, go for it. I just got mine done on March 6. I love them. My left one hurt the most, thats the one she did first. I didnt even really feel my right one. One good tip... Take a friend with you that your comfortable with. If it wasnt for her I'd of never been able to do it.
  • tip: do not go anywhere cold bloody kills!! id also say only get 1 done in my opinion both looks a bit weird i also have a story...not a nice 1! in the bath i had a bangle on my wrist and i reached over to wash my back and my bangle caught the ball...very painfull...
  • I was about to answer with my experience and then I realized this questions a bit old, did you ever end up getting them done?

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