• Natural observations of the world around me and events that occured in my life time.
  • i guess i was born in to it like most cristians or muslims do in their belief. ( or nonbelief in my case)
  • I think that my parents religion never satisfied me. i don't believe in the idea of a supreme being that can save us all and everything has an easy solution. I think thats probably why i choose to be an atheist. I think that evolution its a better way to explain the human existence.
  • I walked hand in hand with my pal Lucifer. ok, not really ;)
  • when my cries of help to god to save me or at least help didnt come through.
  • Going to a catholic highschool (when I wasn't catholic) and having people constantly trying to cram their religion down my throat.
  • In my case, atheism was the result of an inquisitive mind and a constant lack of rational answers to the questions I had about Christianity. I wasn't raised in a Christian family, but since it was the dominant religion in society I tried a few times to give it a closer look. I found that there were many kind people who truly believed in the religion, but that there were just as many (if not more) who were complete hypocrites. In addition, the more I read the bible the more I found that much of it's content was either not relevant, unbelievable, or simply represented a school of thought that I didn't agree with.
  • Science and the fact that religion causes conflict and many religious people are hypocritical.
  • When, no matter how hard I begged and cried and reasoned- God wouldn't even send me the tiniest sign. He just left me in all the mess of my broken family and broken heart. So, I guess I'm kind of bitter towards religion now.
  • Religion.
  • No real path. Just looked around one day...and giggled at the idea of religion. Just seemed silly.
  • My brain. I'm serious.
  • I found something that made sense...
  • My innate supa intelligence.
  • EDIT:This was a really long answer so I'll just sum it up,being and Christian and studying Christianty led me to being an atheist.But you can still read the answer if you have the patience. :P I was born into a very religious Christian family,believed and never questioned anything about it all.I was always outraged whenever I saw commercials for movies like the da vinci code, shows about evolution, or anyone or anything that challlenged my beliefs in God.Proudly went to my private school and went to mass weekly eager to hear more about This so called wonderful loving creator.But as I got older and started to do my own thinking I began to have doubts.The more I looked at the stories and happenings in the bible, the more uneasy I became about belief in a God who is supposed to be kind,loving, and all knowing, allowing all this misery,hatred,deaths, and suffering to happen and seemingly only stepping in to bring harsh and pain horrific punishment on to those who questioned him.Then, When I developed my extreme fasicination with all sorts of science, I just couldn't get enough of it all.I wanted to learn more about the earth, us, and the whole universe from planets to quarks.So this eventually led me towards evolution.My old disgust of it was soon forgotten as I became fascinated with beings from Millions and millions of years ago.Watched all sorts of shows about the beginnings of life to the first sea creatures,age of the arthropod giants, the first mass extinction, then the dinosaurs, and finally the evolution of man from the common ancestor, to Neandertal and beyond to modern homo sapiens.I loved hearing more and more about it.By this time I didn't believe the vast majority of the bible and simply reasoned that God had made all things this way, incorperating him into the physical evidence since I was still passionite about my beliefs.But, then my religious views clashed more and more with my newly acquired logicical perspective view of the world.I dropped down to a base beliefs in God and even then was uneasy for I had learned much about the scientific realm of the world and loved to learn about it even thougn it was at odds with my religion and tried to just skim over these differences by saying "their both right, God still did create all things, but the biblical stories are wrong,science shows how he really did it".Then I dropped the notion of Hell shortly after that it was just too illogical.After that I began to do deep research into the bible and found it even more contradicting, one sided, and horrific then I had previously thought.The things the church did, how they tried to tell others how to live, how they had always put money first, then their followers second.It all slowly began to disgust me.Then, I decided to take God, all my religious beliefs out of the equation and see what I would come up with.Suddenly, I found it all to make perfect sense, without the God their was perfect harmony in all the things I knew about science and my love of knowledge.The more I looked at religon the more disgusted I became with it.the trust in a god character was clearly foolish.Their was no evidence for it whatsoever and I soundly dismissed it.The evidence for the scientific reason behind our existence were throughly backed with an astronomical amount of evidence that was very sound.religion had no actual backing with evidence and the argument the die hard relgions put foward I found ludicrious and they were quite fierce to those who challenged them and their beliefs.It only increased my disgust.I abndoned all notions of any sort of God for I saw them for what they really were:the means to use fear to command the obedenice of people.It was destrucive and I felt silly to have ever been one of them.I abonded it all and stood behind my logic and have been happy with it ever since.
  • REASON......! I hate it when people lie to me........the church is a lie.
  • I am a highly inquisitive and scientific person. I became an atheist because I didn't find a single religion that I could find facts for. I actually started studying different religions a while back before I became an atheist. Not really for spiritual reasons, I just found them fascinating. Eventually I realized some things that you have probably heard before so I won't repeat them to you :). But yeah, thats it.
  • In the climb towards realization or enlightenment, one of the rungs in that ladder is called atheism and you have to pass that before you put your foot onto the next one. I had to follow all the religious texts and when I was learning Buddhism, I had to leave my God aside for that time.Later I graduated onto the next one.
  • God and his fanclub did
  • Logic, reasoning, evidence (or lack of) and the beliefs people insisted were moral.
  • common sense. science. realistic thought. a bunch of crap being shoved down my throat by extremely religious people about their god(s).
  • I was a Christian for a while, and 3 years of bible study taught me it made more sense to be an atheist.
  • Reading the Bible cover to cover, and studying Religion honestly.
  • It was a natural process for me. I was raised with religion but I grew up out of early childhood and stopped believing in fairy tales. Even as a kid I knew that things like talking snakes weren't real but I went along with it to be "good." I was always kind of a non-believer but wasn't open with it until my 20s.
  • I was born that way like everyone else.
  • Two turtles and a polar bear.
    • Ice man
      The turtles are cool, but never trust a polar bear.
    • we are dough 68
      They ain't cool when I am cooking them. I trust Paulo with your life.
  • The short answer is critical thinking. There is also this concept that when things work out well it was a gift from God and they work out poorly it's "God works in mysterious ways", or "It was just not part of God's plan". The fact is that things happen randomly or for a specific reason. It is comforting to think a supreme being is protecting us creating a huge motive to believe so it is no mystery WHY people believe. Pondering every outcome, however, to determine why "God did that" is pointless.
  • Reason, Logic, Criticality, Objectivity, Research and Thinking Profoundly! I realized that there is no genuine evidence in favor of any gods' existence.

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