• When I was younger I would make board games out of cardboard, markers, dice from our Monopoly game, and whatever we had laying around the house. I must have made about 5 or 6 different games for my siblings and I to play.
  • I created a game once, based loosely of of Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters. I got like a hundred large dice of varying colors, Black, white, red, blue, purple, Orange and pink. Each of these dice color and each number upon them I assigned a meaning. It's been a while, but like, lets say Pink with a roll of 1, 3, or 5 was a level 1 monster summons. 2 and 6 represented movement crests, and 4 spell crest. Alright, it basically was Dungeon Dice Monsters, lol. White and black were the two rarest, with 4 dice each, and to summon a level eight monster you need two of those to roll on summoning crests, and that's tough, because each round you get only three dice, drawn randomly from the bag. To get a level nine monster you needed 2 black dice. It was something like that. I still have all those dice, but finding the forms with all the dice meanings might be tough, haven't used it in so many years, lol. Oh, and of course people won by getting their oponents heart points down to zero.
  • "Goof Balls" An outdoor game of tossing skill. First, you FREEZE an even number of golf balls ... then drill small holes through them ... then tie a cord through them so they are 12" apart ... then make a "target" out of PVC tubing that has three horizontal bars 18" above each other to toss at and wrap around ... back off 20 yards, and toss ... bottom bar = 1 point, middle bar = 2 points, and top bar = 3 points. Take turns tossing ... to win, either pick a number to score and first one to score the number or above wins, or pick a number of rounds and person with highest score at end of final round wins.
  • When I gotta play some basketball with myself I made up a couple games so I didn't have to just shoot around. They were nothing to brag about. Just stuff to work on shooting and following through to get my own rebound. The rule was shoot from the 3 pointer line. Making it in gets you 2 points, rebounding it and tipping it in without the ball touching the ground or touching you while you are touching the ground gets you 1 points. Your goal is to get to 21 with the least amount of shots. I'd have to say that might have been my longest answer ever :)
  • This is going to sound horrible, but when I was around 6 or 7, a group of me and my friends came up with a revised version of Tag, where it was boys versus girls, and if either party got tagged, they had to kiss the other party. Ha ha.
  • In college, my friends and I made up about 1000 drinking games. Of couse, I don't remember any of the rules (or if they even HAD rules) because I always ended up drunk.
  • Actually I made two. Boardgames. One is called 'Heavens Highway' and is about the practical application of Gods Word in our daily lives... There are three packs of cards. 'take a walk in the spirit', take a walk in the flesh' and 'experience'. The playing board also had three aspects to it. It is a family game. Ages 6 - old. The other is called 'The Battle' and is based on Eph 6 - Put on the whole armour of God. First you have to collect puzzle pieces of the helmet, sword, breastplate etc. until you had a full set of the whole armour of God. Then you went around the playing board and collected cards with verses on for use later in the battleground. I made them to give people a fun christian alternative to the bash this, kill that, blood and guts games that were on offer. It was nice to read the letters of those who were blessed by them... They were sold all over South Africa for a while then sales sort of petered out... They were copyrighted in 1984 and I think the last sale was around 2002.

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