• What do you mean by 'not maintain an idle". Does that mean it dies or that it won't stay at idle speed? If it dies, does it smoke? That could be too much oil because the smoke is the oil fouling the plugs. Have you checked the oil level in your view window on the side of the engine?
  • someone told me it could be a spark pulg, but i just got those replaced not even a week ago
  • A variety of things can cause your problem. A weak (low compression) cylinder will cause a bike to not idle correctly. A poor spark will do the same. Most of the time it's a plugged passageway in the carb system, if you have carbs. I was a carb cleaning specialist for years in a motorcycle shop. It is not cheap to do this job correctly, but will often result in better running at all speeds.
  • anything is possible, take it to a mechanic and find out

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