• Take up playing MMOs. (I'm playing LOTRO at the moment, and I love it.) Take up cross-stitch or knitting. Become the answerbag god.
  • 1st off make sure you have someone helping you turn over some, you don't want to get bed sores from not moving. As far as games, do you have anyone to play cards with or darts? If not check out youtube & myspace for videos & music. I like funny videos & scarey video's. As for games you can go to yahoo games, pogo, msn, addicting or write a biography or journel online. Also something I've recently got hooked on you may like is You can check out different web cams all over the country. You can see the sun set & rise in another country or state, you can look for ghosts at some of the web cams. UFO's, though I've never seen any yet on there I'm still looking daily.
  • why the bed rest?? I was bedrested for 6 months of both my pregnancies. I read until I couldn't see anymore... and then learned new hobbies and relearned old hobbies. Take the opportunity to learn something new. Make the most out of actually having time to do something. I know it is rough to be bed bound... and it is so frustrating to stare at the same 4 walls, but keep your mind open to opprtunites to learn. I'll be thinking about ya~!
  • Well you could do crotching, or needlepoint, or you could do crossword puzzles.
  • Welcome to Answerbag. You've just discovered a way to kill countless hours. Here are some other suggestions: Read good books. (This would be my number one choice) Make crafts Write in a journal Take up painting Play board games or cards with others Internet (Endless possibilities there) Watch movies Write letters to friends and relatives. Hand written ones. Everyone loves to get a letter! Get a kitten! They are cuddly and provide hours of entertainment (as long as there is someone to feed it and change it's litter) Talk to friends and family on the phone. I hope you are ok, and you aren't on permanent bedrest. Get well soon!
  • Read the most enlightening book ever written for your salvation, Pure unaduterated authentic and direct words of God! The Quran! get a free copy at
  • Just hang arround on AB - it'll keep you occupied 24/7 trust me ! Then try get to guru level !
  • If you have a digital camera and have a good view from a window, take a series of "From My Window" pics. My particular fave from mine is the different sunrises and changes in the weather. You could try scrapbooking. Do a family tree. . .catch up with family and friends. Online free game spots such as,
  • There are some really great suggestions already posted. I am so sorry to hear that you are bedridden. Some things that come to mind are: Jigsaw puzzles Solitare card games Internet games Learn tatting, knitting, crocheting ... or some other craft you've always wanted to learn Read Study a subject that has always interested you, both by reading and by using the internet Post questions here on AB about subjects that you'd like to know more about Keep a daily journal Listen to music as you work Hope some of these help ... bigh {{{{HUGS}}}}
  • Play chess online if you have a laptop or access somehow to get online. Hope you get better. Joel

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