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  • all smoking is hazardous to your health, your lungs are designed to inhale oxygen. Whatever your smoking might feel good now but will eventually kill you unless you get hit by a truck first
  • Use glass or steel. :P Nobody really knows how dangerous aluminum is, but everyone agrees it's not a safe element. High levels of aluminum in the body are definitely not healthy, and the byproducts of incinerated foil that is inhaled are not healthy, are possibly carcinogenic. The soot that accumulates on aluminum from flame is also a lung irritant. Aluminum: A naturally occurring element that makes up about 8% of the surface of the earth and is always found combined with other elements such as oxygen, silicon, and fluorine. Aluminum is is the most common metallic element in the earth's crust but has no clear biologic role. Everyone is exposed to low levels of aluminum from food, air, and water. Exposure to high levels of aluminum may result in respiratory problems (aluminosis). Inhalation of bauxite (aluminum ore) fumes may cause pulmonary fibrosis. Aluminum in the bloodstream may lead to neurological symptoms and may be fatal. Aluminum toxicity occurs in people with renal insufficiency who are treated by dialysis with aluminum-contaminated solutions or oral agents that contain aluminum. The clinical manifestations of aluminum toxicity include anemia, bone disease, and progressive dementia with increased concentrations of aluminum in the brain. Prolonged intravenous feeding of preterm infants with solutions containing aluminum is associated with impaired neurologic development. Aluminum metal is silver-white and flexible. It is often used in cooking utensils, containers, appliances, and building materials. It is also used in paints and fireworks; to produce glass, rubber, and ceramics; and in consumer products such as antacids, astringents, buffered aspirin, food additives, and antiperspirants.
  • Let me re-phrase my answer. If all smoking is hazardous to your health then it doesnt matter what type of apperatus your using to smoke with. So Yes is the answer.
  • YES, is that a clear enough answer?
  • What Is Known About Aluminum Foil Aluminum foil is very pure- in fact it is 99.9% pure, with the .1% being various residues from the manufacturing process that are burned off at low temperature and other impurities found within the material. Humans contact aluminum from various sources throughout their everyday routines. Common uses for aluminum are: food (naturally occurring) & food additives, antacids & other pharmaceuticals, cooking utensils, soil, drinking water, air, and electronics. Aluminum has a shiny and a dull side- there is no difference to the two sides, this is caused by the manufacturing of aluminum. The sheets are too thin to cut one at a time, so they cut two pieces at a time, causing a shiny and dull side. Average human intake of aluminum is around 3grams (a little higher inCanada because the drinking water is treated with higher concentrations of aluminum). Aluminum, at temperatures below melting point, does not give off gas or vapor. What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive disease that affects the brain- causing mental deterioration, disorientation, depression, memory lapses. When studies have been perform on patients with Alzheimer’s Disease scientist have found that patients have high concentration (10-30 times the normal) of Aluminum in their systems. Studies were conducted in order to find out if people who drink water with high concentrations of aluminum had a higher risk at developing Alzheimer’s Disease. These studies did show there was an increased risk- HOWEVER, studies have been done where individuals drank water without being treated with aluminum and found the same risk of developing Alzheimer’s. These two test indicate that there may be genetic reasons why some individuals develop Alzheimer’s. Studies performed on patients have not found a common factor in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease Scientist do not know if Alzheimer’s Disease causes higher concentrations of aluminum, or if it is caused by high concentrations of aluminum. Smoking Using Aluminum Foil Most brands of aluminum foil (Renoyld’s Wrap with the anti-stick coating and similar brands being the exception), are untreated and remain 99.9% aluminum (again with the .1% being residues and other agents in the manufacturing process) In order to inhale aluminum it would have to be changed from a solid to a vapor. This requires a lot of heat. More heat than what it produced by a butane lighter. A butane lighter is not even capable of melting aluminum, if a lighter fails to melt the aluminum, it will not be able to change the aluminum into a vapor. Conclusion I put this together so individuals can make an educated decision on if they want to use aluminum foil for smoking marijuana.
  • I've been readin up on this and there appears to be a disease called leukoencephalopathy, which seems to be associated with smoking heroin off of aluminum foil. It is not found when the subjects inject heroin into the bodies. It is not yet known if this disease is caused by the aluminum, or is simply caused by the smoking itself. It may not even be caused by the heroin use itself, but possibly by something that the heroin was "cut" with (i.e., additives to the heroin that react with the aluminum somehow). Bottom line is that aluminum is sketchy at best and potentially harmful, though there is no definitive proof either way about its effects, so the jury is still out. To all the angry comments out there, discussing safer habits of ingesting drugs is very important and may save lives, so anyone who disagrees with this discussion is an angry dickwad that needs to grow up. People use drugs, they have since the dawn of time. I applaud sites like this one that help drug users to find the least harmful way to do what they would be doing either way.
  • Yes, because the little pieces that flake off can be inhaled. try a different method like a bong or glass piece. =)
  • First I want to say that I do not condone smoking out of an aluminum piece anymore, but after learning in a class that aluminum salts fed to monkeys produced Alzheimer's like conditions, I got really concerned (I use aluminum pieces regularly) and had to find out more on the issue: (google search ->) Aluminum is found everywhere on the surface of the earth, and makes its way into about everything we take into our bodies (however, only about 1% is absorbed). It occurs naturally in many forms, and is found a plethora of items involved in ingestion (pharms, water, cookware) and even in tobacco and marijuana.Recently, a woman who was exposed to high amounts of aluminum got Alzheimer's at a very young age (58), aluminum being found in these neurofibrillary tangles in the brain, but the debate among scientists is whether aluminum causes Alzheimer's, or if Alzheimer's causes aluminum to bind. Given these facts, I wouldn't smoke from aluminum anymore, but I wouldn't worry too much about my past experiences with it. Table of Aluminum in tobacco and cannibus taken from: More information available at:
  • KinKStar your a fucking retard. Weed is not bad for you and many people smoke it because its fun just like watching tv or whatever and not to deal with their problems. Weed does not kill braincells and all the test they do are done to rats or monkeys and they give them way more thc then a person can smoke. Weed is definately very safe. It can cause cancer but not even close to being as bad as cigarets because you dotn smoke that much of it. I also hate talking about it with someone who never tried it and thinks thye know everything about it.
  • I think this rumor may have come from the aluminum cook-ware myth(Aluminum Cookware Causes Alzheimer's Disease.) I can't find any studies that have been done on smoking with aluminum.. It just tastes really bad and your not smoking crack. So just use glass, wood, or a metal pipe designed for smoking.
  • marijuana DOES NOT cause cancer, infact recent studies have found out that marijuana could possibly help with brain cancer.
  • i would not suggest smoking out of aluminum pipe. just buy a pipe they cost around 10 dollars for the cheapest and can go up to 1600$
  • Smoking out of an aluminum pipe is only hazardous to your health if you get caught. Use it or lose it.
  • what about an alum. can?
  • Hahah yeahh happy can and tin foil and all that shit is soo bad for you if you use it alot you can get alsimers when your older.
  • If you really think about it logically.... read the above part of this. you can only breathe in the fumes and vapors of aluminum if it is melted. it cannot be melted with a typical butane lighter. however, you could possibly breathe in the flakes of the aluminum if it gets torched enough. this could be prevented if you just keep renewing the foil. and yes. your lungs are designed to only breathe in oxygen (or inhalants for people with asthma). smoking anything will eventually cause cancer. the only reason people say weed causes cancer quicker, i believe, is because you hold the hits in longer. if you were to hold in a cigarette drag as long as a hit, it would cause cancer quicker. but whatever. whos going to read this anyways..
  • Mike DOUCHEtte is a MORON!! He claims that smoking weed will indefinitely kill you... ha! find a case where someone has died, just try. The greatest dangers from marijuana use are (over long term) throat cancer, loss of time perception (short term), and poor cognitive ability (short and possibly long term) your ignorance is glaringly apparent, your mind is clearly too weak to handle marijuana use. Look to answer 8 of 16 for true open-mindedness and clarity of thought. I came across this discussion while searching for easy ways to make a vaporizer. I had planned to use foil but I wanted to make sure it is safe, based on a few minutes research I conclude that it is fine every once in a long while but you should smoke from a bowl or water pipe to be safer, or perhaps a vaporizer to be safest. I love pot, have been smoking for years, and I am about to graduate from a prestigious university. It has not harmed me much at all. is aluminum foil safe? too questionable... stick to glass! or rolling papers if you need to be sneaky!!
  • this is hilarious. *hits the aluminum foil pipe*
  • i don't know about the smoking out of aluminum, but to the cancer thing...if weed causes cancer, why would it be prescribed to cancer patients as a pain reliever?
  • asoporificeffect: It has the POTENTIAL to cause cancer, doesn't mean it ever has or will ;) Also, aluminum oxide is produced when aluminum is heated, and according to my research, does no harm.
  • yes, just buy a fucking piece
  • i was turned down on life insurance soley because i induldge in an occasional brother in law has life insurance and he gets drunk everynight and occasionally beats my sister...anyway weed tasted better rolled...i'm going to stay away from the home foil jobbies.
  • I make aluminum screens for my pipes. This thread has been more informative than any other on this subject. Thanks for the knowledge Bob. I don't think I will stop using aluminum foil for my screens. I'm just going to start using Reynold's Wrap. I always thought the shiny side was some kind of wax coat or something. And to think I spent some time making sure the shiny side was never exposed to the flame. Myth=Busted Thanks again Bob, and the rest of you mates for the info.
  • After I smoke out of a foil pipe my girlfriend says that my sperm tastes metallic and gross. She had no idea I started smoking from a foil pipe, but my piece broke and I was desperate and cheap. Made me worry when she said my sperm tasted like metal so I found this question. Somewhat enlightening posts.
  • Is most everyone here too tweaked out to use a glass piece? have some class D:
  • Never harmed me none! Ahh the good ol' teenage years!
  • I have heard of some reports that associated alzheimers with aluminum, but, that was a long time back and I couldn't cite them if my life depended on it. jus' sayin'
  • Hookah Bars use aluminum foil to cover the tobacco, which is direct contact with hot coals. I'm sure a lighter isn't much hotter than those burning coals, so I'll take my chances.
  • In short, from the obvious stated facts, my answer would be... It is not logically advisable to make a long-term habit of using aluminum as a holding vessel for high temperature or highly chemical reactive consumable material, which would be inhaled. In short term use, there is no immediate danger that is known, common, published, and understood, by any of the major scientists and doctors who have studied this topic extensively. Publications express concern, and site possibility which is equally impossible, and thus inconclusive. The most commonly accepted practice is high-temperature Pyrex glassware, or an equivalent. Followed by stoneware marble and high-carbon steel. Thin-surface metals and high chemical reactive metals are not often used, due to the rapid break-down, which suggests micro-level absorption, during the inhale process. (Even if the metal is non-reactive, the micro-level impurity can cause anything from infection, to disease, to cancer, to severe internal decay and bleeding. Mucus has a hard time extracting metals, unlike other particulate matters. This is why all metal workers are required to use masks, active hepa-filtration, and air-scrubbers, by law.) Upgrade, and you will never have to worry about this question again. You can then ask... What about the 400+ chemicals I am breathing in? (Lungs were not ONLY designed for oxygen. They are a digestive organ. We digest oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, CO, and many other chemicals, like H2O, as well as expelling any abundance of those, where possible. It is a two-way direct digestive filter for body balance and enrichment. Not just an Oxygen and CO2 exchange device.)
  • Here is my 2 cents worth. In my opinion smoking weed out of a homemade foil pipe isn't that bad. Foil pipes are disposable and temporary. I have never known a pothead that smoked out of a aluminum pipe all the time. If anyone is smoking out of one its because they don't have a pipe and wanna get high right now. When you are done you simply wad it up into a ball and throw it. And a aluminum foil pipe smokes better then a pop can. Everyone i know smokes out of a metel pipe, glass pipe, bong,hooka,vaporizer....ext. aluminum pipes should only serve the purpose for a quick, simple, temporary pipe to make and smoke out of then throw away. sometimes your not at home when you wanna get stoned. You have no pipe so you got to pull a magyver. You know what i mean. Tweekers on the other hand....let them smoke meth on foil. maybe they will all die and we wont have meth or tweekers to bother with anymore. God made weed. Hitler made meth. Who do you trust?
  • Wow, your a fucking idiot kinkstar. Find a single source that shows that smoking marijuana on a regular basis causes lung cancer, emphysema, or shortens life span. Go to a fucking library you bible-toting most likely republican closet fag.
  • If you give a shit about your health why are you smoking?? Fucking idiots..

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