• Maybe on a cotton swab, but I wouldn't dump peroxide in your ear bacause it will bubble for awhile do the wax and stuff.
  • Mix with equal parts water I wouldn't use alcohol, they use peroxide at the DR. office, let it sit for about three minutes and then let it drain out. It's fine. The peroxide will bubble a little and that's okay, just feels a little weird. Use water that is just right for the inside of your wrist. If you use water that is too hot you will burnthe inside of your ear, and if the water is too cold you will get dizzy. Warm is good.
  • I have used a cap full or two of peroxide in my ears for years. It helps clean the canal. I wouldn't suggest doing it often, as it's not needed. Once or twice a year should be adequate. I have never mixed it with water.
  • Sounds Damn Safe After I Accidently Took A Drink Of Clorox This Morning. (Poison Control Center Didn't Seem To Think That Was Too Bad Either) Scared me! lol
  • My ENT said that the peroxide was a good idea, but that since peroxide is damp like water (even though it does help to disinfect) that it can actually leave a moist residue behind. So he said that a followup with alcohol is important to dry the canal afterwards to prevent an ear infection. So peroxide, then alcohol.
  • there's only one way to find out... try it. thats what i did when i wanted to know what happened if you inserted a metal object into a plug in.
  • Thanks so much for your advice. My ear was driving me crazy, pain and swelling in my gland in my neck under my ear. So i tried the mixture of peroxide and water for 3 mins after warming the Peroxide. Then after draining i used the Alcohol and left in a min. Feels better already. Water i believe is in there from washing my hair. If it gets in there it is very painful. Thanks again!!
  • depends on which kind of alcohol! It hurts if you put beer in there!
  • a mix of alcohol and vinegar works very well when you have water trapped in your ear
  • Peroxide and alcohol can remove ear wax but I would be cautious about the amount to be used and I would make sure that they are diluted by warm water because too much of either would irritate tissue. You would have to work fast when using these compounds because they dissipate quickly and lose their potency.
  • i would use it cause it helps clean out your ears but if you have swimmers ear dont worry if it doesnt all come out a once i have it and it just takes a sec to drain out it will bubble for awhile but it helps get rid of swimmers ear just dont keep it in that long only for about 30 seconds.
  • I was told to use hydrogen peroxide rather than a q-tip years ago by someone in the medical profession. It sounds horrible though, and I'd rather not.
  • yes it is ive done it for a while..but today when i did it my ear hurt!!but i think i left it in to long but i have never chased it with alcohol.
  • My mother used to use hydrogen peroxide to clear ear blockages.
  • ONLY PEROXIDE,it shrinks the wax and make it easier to be flushed out.
  • I use 5% hydrogen peroxide from time to time. It tickles! But I'd be afraid to put alcohol in there.
  • Peroxide will chemically react with the ear wax and cause it to get hot. Over the counter hydrogen peroxide is too strong to be used in your ear. Alcohol should never be poured in to your ears. This is designed for your ears, it is gentle and removes wax. However, earwax is important becuase it's purpose is to trap and prevent dirt from settling on your sensitive ear drums. Only clean your ears if the build up has a detrimental impact on your hearing.
  • In the last year my ENT has said to use 1/2 part apple cider vinegar and1/2 part alcohol. However I used to use 1/2 part peroxide and 1/2 part sterile water. I heard on the Drs. some weeks back the pediatrician recommended the same as my ENT To help the problem it would probably be wise to clean your sinus with saline solution by putting it up each nostril as it's all connected.
  • I would not. Peroxide breaks down your skin tissue. If you have to put something in there use mineral oil.

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