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  • Why don't you men stop and ask for directions?!
  • Why are men so lazy around the house?, unless you actually ask your man to help with cleaning, it always gets left to the woman of the house even if she is working and raising the family....dont men see that the bathroom needs cleaned/the carpet needs vacuumed etc etc???????????????????????????
  • HEY thanks! I guess this may be an opinion question, not sure... I have a guy friend and a girl friend. We're all 18. He's been chasing her for FOUR years and he will NOT give up. Theyre close friends and its obvious they like each other, though I dont think she is too sincere. Theyve tried to date and she thinks its "too weird" and blows him off, confuses him, makes him upset, etc.; then they go back to being friends. She continues to lead him on AGAIN, and he chases AGAIN, then winds up nowhere AGAIN. Its getting to be down right cruel, and Im tired of watching it and seeing the tole it takes on him. She thinks she has dibbs on him and gets jealous if he even spends time with another girl, like me, and we're just friends. I think she is being stupid because he is a great person and a great catch. What will it take for him to come to his senses? Why won't he let her go- Does he just want something he can't have? Will he ever be happy with someone else or forget about her? Thanks for your help =]
  • why do men always want women to say directly what they have in mind but the moment a girl said it straight, men will get piss and will say "that's stupid or that's ridiculous". and why do men don't want to be in a hot sit as far as they are concern.. ermm except you?
  • Why do men always talk about their penis and what size, big, strong it is? Woman do you go around talking to your girlfriends about how amazing your boobs are? I dont!
  • Do men think we don't notice them looking at our butts or boobs? Because we do!
  • Why do you men grab yourselves? I mean is to make sure it's all still there or something? And why aren't men ever satisfied with what they have?
  • why do most men think women cant do jobs they do just as good as them?
  • That was not a question and this is not your private answering site. Typical male ego.

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