• I know I told them, and they know I told them. No point rubing it in. Just be there to pick up the mess.
  • I used to rub it in , now I find it's best to be quiet about it. Maybe a little smirk as you pass them !!
  • Depends on what it is, a bad relationship that ended badly, no, no need in rubbing it in I know they feel pretty bad about it, but when my friend got a tattoo that he regrets 5 years later, hell yeah I was like 'I told you so, I told you so, I told you so.....If it's a lapse in judgment and I warned you and you didn't listen, then prepare or the 'I told you so'. Mostly stems from people asking me for advise and then not taking it, then wishing they had,....
  • Depends on what I was right about, for example if a was right about the result of a football match then I would rub it in!. If on the other hand I was right about something more serious, for example a relationship which goes wrong I would keep quiet, and offer my friend support.
  • I try not to say "I told you so," that is never helpful. It can destroy a relationship, in fact. And how are you today? I hope all is well.
  • i don'T say it, i keep silent...
  • I find that a good slow burn with the eyes is sufficient. They are already goin' through it for being wrong, I like to let 'em stew about it and then come and admit that I was right.;)
  • I try not to say anything, but if the person who was wrong was a jerk about it in the first place, then it is hard to not say 'I told you :-p'.
  • I try not to say "i told you so" but im too mouthy and i just have to say it,and if its someone i dont like i keep going on about it on
  • No, I'll just grin and stare at them.
  • i only say i told you so to my partner, as he NEVER listens to me and it makes me feel better saying i told you so. it also reminds him that if he listened to me he wouldnt be in the problem hes in now.
  • I want to say it,but i keep my mouth shut. It won't help the situation any.
  • Only give advice to those you love and if you love them you dont hurt them by saying "See..." or "I told you." Stay silent.
  • I tend to say "I told you so" some, but I also say "Yep, you were right and I was wrong" if I'm on the other side of that, so it ends up coming out even.
  • I don't say "I told you so" it's more of "Gee, I really hate it when I'm right."
  • I prefer to just keep quiet and smile, as the other person usually knows that I was right at that point already.
  • am really not ..but i told you so didnt i...but i`ll be quiet about that now
  • It depends on the putz that would be the recipient of the "I told you so." If it's a particularly smarmy version of putz at work, then I'm more of a stand-on-my-tiptoes-and-point-down-at-him with a loud, obnoxious, "IN YOUR FACE!" If it's my wife, then silence is golden. I enjoy sex, you see and would like it to continue for the foreseeable future.
  • I stay quiet, but it makes no difference because I'm thinking it either way, haha.
  • Rub it in? No, I _massage_ it in!
  • I've tried the I told you so route and it always backfires because the person hates me even more. Hi Rosie, happy Tuesday!
  • I prefer to stay silent on the matter. I told you so does nothing but make the other person feel worse, or get angry.
  • That's a really good question! It has happened many times before, but, personally, i prefer to keep silent and not rub salt into the wound. Everyone makes mistakes, and i don't think its fair to say "i told you so", when they are already upset to begin with.
  • Depends on how obnoxious the other guy was. If he was low-key then I can be too...if he was obnoxious, then I have no problem rubbing his nose in it.
  • In general, when you've "told someone so," he or she remembers it, so you don't need to say anything more. I've actually been met with an annoyed "All right, so you said this would happen" many more times than once..
  • I can't resist saying, told ya'.

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