• I'm neither a real estate agent nor an attorney, but here's my understanding. Once you've reached the age of 18, and can sign legally binding agreements on your own, you could buy or rent a home, at least technically. Few 18-year-olds, however, have the credit history, job stability, life stability, down payment, or income level to be considered a good credit/security risk, meaning that most of them will probably be unable to get a mortgage or lease without a cosigner. So, in practice, it's ususally not possible to do it totally independently until the early twenties.
  • the right age for a man to own a home is a year after he gets married.
  • In the US it's eighteen. You cannot sign legal documents before that age. There may be a way to work around rent with an adults signature, but I seriously doubt you'll find any way to own a home before eighteen.
  • One cannot own real estate unless they reach the age of majority. Contracts are invalid otherwise.
  • I was able to own/rent when I turned 18. State of Indiana.
  • You can own a house from the day you are born. If you inherit it or if it is gifted to you. To rent a house the minimum age would be decided at the discretion of the owner. There are no laws about this, as far as I know.

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