• I believe the killing of them would fall under the cruelty to animals laws, so in essence it would be illegal (in the US.) Is there nothing at your local grocery store?
  • Good question! Diets vary widely around the world - the French eat horse meat, the Koreans eat dog and some tribes in Papua New Guinea eat each other. Whilst it is not something you would want to brag about, I cannot see that you would be prosecuted as it must be viewed in the same way as eating any other meat, as long as the animal was killed humanely and wasn't someone else's pet. P.S. stay away from my house.
  • no i dont think so, hey i heard some people i think chinese eat monkey or monkey brains to be exact eeww
  • Depends on the Country, in the UK you would be prosecuted if you killed a pet cat or dog. In China however many Cities have an area which caters for the discerning dog eater, including menus with photos of the type of breed!.
  • It is illegal to sell those meats as food for human consumption in Australia, but whether the actual eating of them is illegal I do not know. I doubt it is illegal in itself, but if you killed the animal for eating purposes that would be illegal in the form of animal cruelty.
  • I've never heard of such a things for dogs and cats. In California, where I am located, a law was recently passed (some time since 2000) outlawing the buying and selling of horses for human consumption. (One more law for the list of stupid laws.) I had not heard during the propagandizing on that, that there was any sort of equivalent law regarding cats and dogs.
  • I know in some country's people do eat dog..
  • It isn't illegal to kill animals that are often used as pets humanely. Just because they get killed doesn't make it cruel and even the government and different groups kill them at times, just because there is a surplus. And it isn't against the law in most communities to consume them, either. But it is against the law to sell the meat. For most areas, there is no problem if you are going to use it for personal consumption.
  • Would that be at your house or at your mom's house...? It's definitely illegal at your moms house, but I don't think you'll have a problem if you're just having a quiet evening home alone and thinking of having a litle sumthin' Sumthin' for a snack... ;-) Now, James Zimmerman would tell you cats are delicious, and he's had dog as well, and cute little guinea pigs, and... well, you know James (don't you? :-p ) My ex-martial art teacher was Korean, and grew up in a society where it's normal to eat dog and cat... It still occurs there regularly, though in recent years other countries have been shaming them and causing them embarrasment about the custom. American Indians Ate Dog, though some tribes thought it a delicacy, while other tribes abhored the practice. Cultural Attitudes/Laws on Eating Dog Around the World
  • no if youve ever watched the show "manswers" lol they discuss a lot of facts about random stuff and i forgot wer but they sed u can buy it in the U.S..
  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  • Yes.. You'll get three years for mistreating an animal so imagine how many you'll get for killing a pet to eat them..
  • If it is, I'm in big trouble
  • It seems to be more a taboo than a crime. 1) Dogs: "Cultural attitudes, legalities, and history regarding eating dog meat varies from country to country. Very little statistical information is available on attitudes to the consumption of dog meat. Though the consumption of dog meat is generally viewed as taboo in Western culture, some Westerners support the right to eat dog meat and accuse other Westerners who protest against dog eating in other countries of cultural imperialism and intolerance. Joey Skaggs, for instance, organized a hoax in the United States in which a fictitious Korean restaurant asked animal shelters for unwanted dogs to be made into dog meat in order to expose the alleged intolerance, hypocrisy and racism of those opposed to dog-eating. Others, however, oppose the consumption of dog meat in non-Western countries, particularly Korea. They perceive dogs as inherently emotional and friendly to humanity, arguing that the slaughter of a dog for food is excessively cruel. In Islamic culture, eating dogs is forbidden under Muslim dietary laws. - Arctic and Antarctic Dogs have historically been an emergency food source for various peoples in Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada, and Greenland. Sled dogs are usually maintained for pulling sleds, but occasionally are eaten when no other food is available." Source and further information: 2) Cats: "Cat meat or cat flesh is meat derived from cats. It is eaten sporadically in southern China, northern Vietnam, Peru and Switzerland; cat has also been eaten in Britain. During wartime rationing, cats found their way into "rabbit" stews/pies and hence earned themselves the nickname "roof-rabbit". " "Because cats are regarded as carnivorous animals, consumption of cat meat is not permissible under Jewish or Islamic dietary laws." Source and further information: 3) Some organizations would probably oppose to this:

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