• Religion doesn't create conflict, people create conflict - people desperately in need of sexual contact. Sex: the universal truth you're looking for.
  • Some religions clearly do create conflict due to the dogma contained within. Almost all will claim exclusivity and even those that do not create conflict by declaring hatred towards a race or people that are different will contain adherants that are willing to display hatred and to act upon it. Therefore we must say that religion does create conflict as do people despite being religious or not. Is there a universal truth? If you are a person of faith then the answer is yes if not then no so therefore it is purely personal. I have a personal view point but that is not what the question asks. I would not be able to prove it in the same way that an adherant of the opposing viewpoint can prove theirs either.
  • I think people's interpretations of religion cause conflict. The universal truth.....(To me) Be kind to thy neighbor and Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
    • pugwashjw65
      Very good...but Jesus asked for MORE...than to be just good. Matthew 28: 19,20
  • Anything that involves relationships between humans will cause conflict at some place and time, because that is the nature of humans, to think of their own needs above others and to consider that what they believe is superior to everyone else. However, I do believe there is a universal truth. I believe it is expressed by the Christian teaching of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus.
  • Religion cannot create anything. People create conflict. We need to put the blame where it goes. It's people that close their hearts and minds to what really matters. And that's serving each other and making an effort to improve the lives of others and pouring out love to all people. It's people who do good or do harm because of what they believe to be right or wrong. I'll say this, if what you believe tells you to cause harm to others because of what they believe; you believe the wrong thing.
    • pugwashjw65
      Is not religion just a group of people with similar views? the group thinking causes conflicts...
  • These are two great questions (or maybe three!), so I'll treat them separately: - Conflicts occur because we take the definitions of "us" and "them" too seriously as humans. It's one thing to recognize some difference between groups, such as a difference in religious beliefs, and it's another thing entirely to use it as a basis for a "group identity". David Loy calls this phenomenon "wego" -- a "group ego". When a group identifies itself so strongly with their views that they begin to see others as external and somehow less than fully valued, conflicts will arise. Ironically, one of the main roles of religion is to illuminate the ego (or "wego") and allow us to rise above it to a broader embrace of life and others. So when religion becomes divisive rather than "unitive", it is indeed on the wrong track... or at least incomplete. - As for universal truth, I think all major religions would agree on some common values -- restraint of the ego has already been mentioned. Others would include certain moral and ethical precepts, an interest in promoting service to community and the world as a whole, the importance of considering and caring for others, etc. In this sense, it does seem that all religions are at least sensing the same underlying universal truths, which lead them to promote these values. However, each religious tradition explains these truths in different ways, and it's reasonable to conclude that some are doing a better job of explaining them than others. But let's not kill each other over that last part, ok?
  • well explained. I agree with you totally, and like idne, I too shall do my part to prevent killing.
  • 7-19-2017 What exactly do you mean by "religion"? The bible says religion is made up by men telling each other what to do, and God has a poor opinion of the practice. God's word does not create conflict, it gives choices and then tells you which choice is the better one. There are some people who think you should take orders from them without regard to better or worse, and they create conflict.
  • religion = bullshit
  • Religion is based on option. Conflict is created among religious extremists.
  • Religions maintain a separation between you and God.... God exists within you as you....End the separation, and you will see the universal truth that God is within you as you.
  • There can only be a singular truth...two plus two equals four...and nothing else...
  • False religion, all of it controlled by Satan, is the cause of conflict...formal wars or police actions... (Revelation 12:12) On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.

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