• If it is in a warmer climate than Siberia it will dig more holes. Dogs dig for a reason or two. The main one is to get down to cooler/damper soil to lay in. Dogs do not have that many sweat glands in their skin - their main forms of cooling is panting and through seeking cool places to lay/sleep. This is all part of the denning behavior - dogs dig "holes" sometimes even shallow caves to have their pups in the wild - usually they find an ideal "den" or cave. Dogs love close, dark places - they feel safe in there. Yes you can train a dog to not dig - however you are going against its nature and in training you will have to break something... like its instincts. But even then when the heat is on the dog will dig. What you need to do is allot a spot for the dog to dig. Make that its digging spot - take the dog out and make its front paws dig in the spot you want - much like training a kitten to paw the litter box. when caught digging correct with a stern "No!" then take the dog back to the spot you want him/her to dig, make the dog paws move in the hole/soil and say kindly "yes." Eventually the dog will understand that it has a digging/laying spot. Ideally that spot should be shady most of the day - should be watered regularly, preferably during a time when the dog is not going to be there, and water enough to moisten the soil but not so much as to make a mud hole. Occasionally push the dirt back into the hole not all the way, just most of the way, moistening the soil so it is damp enough to cool off. If at all possible build a roof over the area with three walls no floor The walls should allow some passage of air - what you will have is a 'den' If you find the dog digging under a particular bush, the reason being is that s/he is denning. Most likely that would be a perfect area for the dog to have his/her digging spot.

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