• "Considerable speed" - well being aqnd apheist - I suppose I cant really say pray. I will probably be glad I have a crash helemt on and proper leathers. So from your question - it looks like we have no chance to avoid the collision, so its how best to limit its affects. So 1) Apply the brakes like mad - the slower the impact the better. 2) Just as we are about to collide - I think I would try to jump up out of the bike - trying to go over the top of the car (Im assuming I would never be able to get the bike over it). If I can avoid my body hitting the car and slide along the road after it - with re-inforced leathers and helmet - should be able to get away without serious injury. If my body hits the car - its going to be a lot worse. Hopefully I will be conscious enough after the accident to be able to curse the car driver.
  • Jump off the thing like in GTA.
  • Just try to look cool as you're crashing.
  • That has happened to me. 35mph impact speed. I managed to touch the brakes and left only one foot of skid mark on the road. I did jump and caught the handlebars with my shins. I flew about 30 feet over the car. It was a cold winter day and I had a helmet, gloves and a thick leather jacket. They hauled me off to the hospital, but my injuries were just scrapes on my shins. Both the Yamaha and car I hit were totaled.

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