• I am not a smoker and have always disliked the smell of cig. smoke but the graphic ads turn me off anyway. I would never smoke, simply because I don't like the smell and I have personally seen the effect on other people close to me.
  • I've been smoking for a while now, I am probably not going to quit until I choose to have a child (in which case I will definitely quit right away); however, despite the fact that I enjoy cigarettes, those graphic picture warnings disturb me nonetheless. My trick is that if there is one that I don't like on a new pack, I take off the outer layer and slip on a cover from an old pack that doesn't sport such grotesque pictures. It's very effective.
  • When I was <(yaay) a smoker, the warning labels were kind of depressing, which made me want a cigarette when I read them.
  • According to my medical doctor, a nicotine habit is stronger than a morphine habit. A photo on a cigarette pack will make no difference. But, it would add to the cost of a pack.
  • Nah, blatently ignored.
  • I still smoke...have contimplated quitting...but I can tell you graphic pics mean nothing. When you want a cigg, you want one. You won't care what's on the lable.
  • You mean something like this? Let me run out for a smoke and when I get back, I'll let you know.

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