• My son does too. None of his doctors has said anything about it in a medical context. His first pediatrician did said something like "he has strange toenails." He is a very happy healthy 8 1/2 year old now.
  • Not at all. Babies have soft finger and toenails, which usually means they are flat instead of hard and rounded on top like ours. Either it will correct itself over time, or he'll just have flat toenails. I know plenty of people with flat, wide nails (on hands and toes) which I find strange because mine are so convex, but everyone is different. It's definitely not connected to any kind of rare, tropical baby disease so don't worry!
  • Very normal. It's better flat than curved as that can lead to chronic ingrown toenails later on in life. Just be sure your child wears appropriately sized shoes and trim the nails straight across without rounding them and the nails won't ever be an issue.

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