• Those types of a/c are designed to blow the hot air out the window I think. If you don't put it in a window you'll be cooling and heating the air in the room at the same time.
  • Additionally, AC's are not 100% efficient. Thus, putting such an AC indoors would actually heat it up.
  • In my case I have front enclosure that I no longer heat or cool and wanted to move the air condtioner into an opening that i had in the wall which would have the front or indoor part that blows cool air facing the indoors of the house nad the backend that is usually exposed to the outside exposed in the enclosed front enclosure part that i dont use much.
  • An air conditioner sends hot air backward and cool air forward. If it is placed indoor without the window setup, the air currents get mixed up, and you will not get the required cooling effect.
  • No, the reason is the conservation of energy. We as living entities pecieve heat as energy. The more energy a materialobject has the hotter it feels to us. The less energy it has, the cooler it feels to us. It is the same with air. An air conditioning unit takes the "energy" out of the inside air and disperses it to the outside air. There is no seperation of hot air and cold air. How an air conditioner works: This process is done with the refrigerant gas known as R134a. As the inside air passes through the radiator, it causes the refrigerent to boil off and subsequently absorbs energy ("heat") from it. This makes it feel cold; however, that energy has to go somewhere. The compressor then pumps the high energy refrigerent to the outside radiator and as the outside air blows through it, energy is absorbed from the refrigerent and released as heat in the outside air. The low energy refrigerent is then compressed back into a liquid an into the inside radiator to start the cycle again. If you use an ac unit completely indoors without a window setup, the energy will be removed from the front air making it cold but since energy can not be created or destroyed, nearly the exact same amount of energy will be released out the back as hot air and perfectly cancel out the cold air. In other words, you will feel very cold air coming out the front, very hot air coming out the back, and the temperature in the room will never change. In effect it will perform like a fan.
  • no- the heat obsorbed by the refrigerant at the time of evoporation has to be out by condensor.
  • What ever heat absorb by AC from room to be taken out, hence it must installed at Window other wise room temp. remains same.
  • Sure, it's a free country. But you won't cool off and your electric bill will be effected.

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