• Yes. Your life is nothing if not your own and no matter how anyone may feel about it, if you want to give it up that is your right.
  • They have the right to control their own life.
  • were dying when were born. and i dont think thats a bad thing..its just part of life, and you can do with it what you please ~personally my better judjement says while were here you might as well make it last as long as possible and enjoy it, and make changes if you need to.. and our better judjement is what gets us places.
  • I do believe that a person with a termonal Illness should have the option when it gets so bad nothing can be done for them.We put our pets out of there pain because we cant stand to see them suffering,why not people?Its my life..I should be able to have that option just like someone who wants to get an abortion.
  • no, I dont think I have that right, so I'll just live forever.
  • Yes, I believe so. But people don't have the right to be murdered while in a compromising position related to old age.
  • People don't have a choice... That's basically what we're doing...
  • They should have the freedom to make their own decisions in such cases of terminal illnesses
  • You don't need a right to die. It's going to happen whether you like it or not. That is the way your question reads.
  • How is it avoidable?
  • After seeing my grandparents suffer, YES. If I had the guts, I would have put them out of their pain but I couldn't. I just hope someone does with me
  • No only God has the right to take someone's life , even if a person is suffering he will greatly rewarded in the afterlife.
  • Free agency (God's gift to man than accompanies life itself in value) includes all kinds of rights we don't encourage. There is a time and place for each of us to die, and I think we do ourselves a disservice by hastening it. Pain is ugly, but can be managed. Make the most of your time, if you can!
  • no... you have a right to live. it is a priviledge to die... and often not allowed , by law, society, religion or force
  • No..but they should have :)
  • Everyone dies. I think you want to know whether they have the right to choose when they die. I think aside from whether I personally believe it I would say NO. Because our life really doesn't entirely belong to us. We are someones. brother/sister/son/father etc. Willingly taking the benefit of our presence away from them could be viewed as a very selfish act. Do not get me wrong I do not believe that someone should suffer needlessly. If there is no cure for the pain and it is unrelenting than I think a decision should be made to consider ending a life...doctors legally do this every day by withholding treatment. There is a line that can be crossed when we start to consider giving healthy people the right to check out whenever they please under medical supervision and the sanction of legality.
  • Yes - infact it's a mandate that their going to die - it's totally unavoidable.
  • yes, aboslouty, it wrong that hospitals go over board keeping, people alive that have no chance of living, i think that there is a fusy line that needs to be defind as far as when to let someone go, often the person dying would be better off,ie those suiside machines. government shoudnt get involved!!
  • You have that right now. You can wait and die naturally or end it yourself. No one's going to help you do it, but you can do it. If you know you're terminal, you can make plans and have parties and go out in style if you want. Go for it. No one is stopping you.
  • No way,are they god?
  • I didn't know we had a choice!
  • Hell ppl have the right to do just about everything else in this world, why not.
  • They had better cause most of us are going to die sooner or later. Free people have the right to use their life as they see fit. Unfortunately in the US, we are no longer a free people. We have a nanny government that regulates our entire lives, with seatbelt laws, helment laws, bicycle rules, and above all, everything is taxed, taxed and taxed some more. But, don't worry. Our boy Obama is gonna fix everthing
  • I believe that if a person has an incurable disease or if they are in constant pain ... they should have the right to end their lives thru a lethal injection etc .... I further believe that if a person feeels that they have lead their life ..and they wish to go on to the other side of life ..that should be their decesion and no one elses .... So YES ... we all should have the RIGHT to pick when our life is to be terminated ....

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