• Complete nonsense! Most countries in the world are in debt!
  • The United States government is relying more and more heavily on the kindness of foreigners and former enemies to finance its deficits. Some time soon, that fact is going to bite us. Two nations, Germany and Japan, effectively control the world’s credit, providing more than half the world’s “surplus” savings. If they ever decided to stop lending to their prime debtors, Britain and the United States, the world economy would quickly change. This fact should send shivers down the spines of anyone who knows history.
  • Most people do not know it but the USA has no currency. In 1913, then president Woodrow Wilson signed into law the Federal Reserve Act that turned the currency of the USA over to the Rothschild family. This is in violation of the Constitution of the USA. The so called national debt is due to the USA having to borrow from the Federal Reserve Corporation at interest. True the US currency is not worth anything because it has no currency. As a side light bit of information, the Rothschild family owns all but but three currencies in the world. They control the world.

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