• I'd say a better option would be for the local council to provide free self-defence classes for all interested women. That would have a much healthier long-term effect.
  • This is a violation of civil liberties and is only enacted in a totalitarian state. Grown men do not need to be told what time they cannot be allowed to go anywhere in a free society.
  • I understand your anguish, but why should all men who happen to live in Santa Fe be punished because of one man? I can understand having curfews when you are talking about rioting, but not as the result of one mans actions, no matter how bad they are! The police will eventually catch him, lets just hope it is sooner rather than later.
  • Here in Austin in the late 80's and early 90's. The Hyde Park rapist terrorized the Hyde Park neighborhood of N. Austin. It is assumed that this criminal was also known as the MoPac rapist, that the similarity in the crimes pointed that the city was being terrorized by one man. It is assumed that this one individual lived in these neighborhoods and terrorized his hunting grounds for victims. It is proposed that this serial rapist assaulted at least 30 documented indivuduals, and possibly tens if not hundreds more of undocumented victims. For a full disclousure check this link for more info;
  • I can understand where you're coming from. We had a rapist that terroized women in Goodyear Heights in Akron, Ohio for years. The worst part was these were home invasions. But I don't think a cufew would make anyone feel any safer. He'd just start attacking women in their homes. I would say the women of the community need to start taking self defense and fire arm training. If he doesn't know who's going to rock his world the wrong way he'll be less likely to attack. You guys should also start using a buddy system. Nobody goes out alone. Since rapists are oppurtunity criminals and they only go after women who are easy to subdue he won't got after two or three of you together. I know it sucks that men don't have this fear, but we can't punish them for something that's not their fault.
  • G'day Simply Kate, Thank you for your question. I think that curfews are a bad idea in these circumstances. For a start, many people in hospitality and other industries work after 8pm. It is an infringement of civil liberties. Further it is a waste of police resources as they will be enforcing the curfew rather than trying to catch the rapist. I doubt that the rapist will obey the curfew in any case. When he is caught, he should face the full force of the law. As well, there are other precautions that are much more effective than a curfew that people can take. Regards
  • Why instill mass punishment on all men instead of concentrating the efforts to find the guy or guys responsible for this? That would be very unfair to those who havent done anything. Make neighborhood watches stronger, dont travel alone and get your self in to self defense classes or carry mase. I think that would be a better solution....;)
  • I do not think that all men need to be taught this lesson. The vast majority of them know it, and are not rapists. There is no reason to punish all men for the very few (percentage wise) male rapists anymore than there is a reason to punish all women for the female rapists (yes, they DO exist).
  • Why do I have to be given a curfew? I didn't rape anyone. How about you buy yourself a gun to defend yourself.
  • it might but i doubt theyd do it

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