• No. Polar bears live in the northern hemisphere and can be found roaming the ice floes of the Arctic Ocean, and on land in Canada, Alaska and Greenland.
  • An easy way to remember is: -Arctic, comes from the Greek "artik" meaning "bear". -Antarctica, comes from the combination of "anti" and "artik" meaning "no bears". So the Arctic (north) is where you find bears, and the Antarctic (south) is where you won't. ;)
  • Yes its a proven fact that polar bears live in antarctica
  • No bears in Antarctica. Only penguins and seals and sealions and things like that.
  • Of course they don't. Australia's a lot closer to Antarctica than I am and if their government say no I believe them:
  • Of course they dont live in Antarctica, they only live in the Arctic and this is why Polar bears are dying out because the Arctic is melting and Antarctica isnt as there is land under nethe it, thats why the gonvernment were condsidering moving Polar Bears to Antarctica so they wont become extinct. =] All people who belive they do live in Antarctica are very wrong and Dumb.
  • Yes there are polar bears in antartica. polar bears migrate so to the south pole every year during the summer months. everyone who deosnty no this is an idiot

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