• Read my books on 'how to get back on track'. We all have those off days..
  • Always look on the bright side of life...;-D... . . .
  • Everybody is gonna have bad days, everytime I'm having a bad day, I rememeber that I am human.
  • I don't bother with trying to look at the positives or make myself feel better, etc. I think that kind of approach is rather superficial: it's like putting a band-aid on a deep gash. What really matters most is becoming aware of yourself, and you can do that by challenging yourself to try to answer some tough or obscure questions -- questions you may not normally think much about. Here's some samples to get you started: - Who am I? - What is my life about? - What do I think I need to have to be happy or satisfied? - What expectations do I have about my life? - What are my values? What's most important? - What am I holding on to that I should maybe let go of? - What am I resisting that I should probably be dealing with? If you focus on trying to be as aware as possible, interesting things begin to happen on their own... it provides the basis for getting your own personal development back on track. When life seems empty and meaningless, it's often an indicator that you've "used up" the box you've been living in. Questions like these are designed to poke holes in the box... there's always a bigger box outside of this one :-)
  • I play uplifiting music that I can sing along to and identify with. My personal favorite is Don't Panic by Coldplay.
  • without going into too much detail i have been having loads of problems and i think my relationship is a big part of it all. it will be hard because ive been with my bf for 10 years
  • Depends. If you're not being realistic by making things worse, then see all of it, positive or not. If you're just going to look for "positives" for comfort and most of the time comfort is lieing, think about it first. Don't be "optimistic" or "pessimistic", be realistic. Don't make it better or worse than it is. You need to be honest and deal with it or nothing is legitimate. Livia
  • i feel that way sometimes when i dont have a job, thinking of volunteering with kids so i can have something to look forward to instead of staying home constantly cause i cant spend money
  • Find avenues of expression to help others in need.
  • "When nothing in your life is going right, go left." Age old wisdom.

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