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  • If I may borrow from the movie; Lethal Weapon- God hates(me)you that's what it is. Not exactly a direct quote there. But; "Hate him back, it works for me!" is. On the other hand I have had the rare occasion(granted RARE!)when I still enjoyed myself but never fired my
  • It is the oppisite for me. I normally have many orgasms where as my husband, and my ex sometimes had a much more difficult time. This caused me some anguish for some time, thinking that I wasn't 'good' in bed. As it turns out my ex had many a medical condition that caused his problems, and my husband tended to have whiskey dick when things didn't seem to be working properly.
  • because a mans orgasm is when he releases his man energy liquid which you try to do everytime mean while a woman when your pointing your snake up there she sometimes doesnt get off properly becuase you have to rip her hole wide open untill theres blood everywhere.......FUCK THIS SHIT GO FUCK A GIRL AND LEARN FOR YOUR SELF YOU DUMB FUCK

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