• Qualifications are important, but you will find that you still need to start at the bottom with employment, as experience is very important. Theory and practice can often vary widely, which is why experience is important to employers. This puts you in a catch 22, how can you get a job with no experience, if no-one will give you experience? Start at the bottom is the answer.
  • Experience is a qualification. You may be put into a lower level job until they see you can do the higher levels ones, but your trip from bottom to top should be shorter than someone with no qualifications.
  • Most of the people I know who get the better jobs may not be better at the job as much as they are better at selling themselves. Practice job interviews with family and friends. Utilize the resources that the internet has to offer. Self confidence (and a little BS) can go a long way.
  • There's no substitute for experience.

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