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  • Go out, meet new people, if you are old enough, go pup crawling, not in clubs, music is to loud, search on the internet about your hobbies, you will find forums there and get contact details of people who shares the same interest as you do.
  • joining an out of school/work activity always works well. I joined a karate club and i've already met heaps of new people. Also try and make a good first impression, so try and look your best,try not to be intimidating, don't brag, be interested, be confident(but not overly) and remember names!
  • Find something that you are interested in and see if there are any clubs/organizations that help support those activities... For example, if you love to read try joining a local bookclub. If you love to run, join a local running group (call a local sporting goods store for info), or you could join a church group or volunteer in your community.
  • pub crawling like on your own ? whos guna wanna talk to a lonely guy in the corner im not following?
  • Join a club! I know money can be an issue sometimes, but often if you look in your local newspaper you can learn about different clubs, etc that meet together once a week/once a month to discuss interests. You can find everything from anime clubs to the chess team, to reading clubs, to sports fans out there. Just remember to be open and smile!
  • Never underestimate the power of the first smile! And then..... conversation that is interesting to both parties!
  • Be yourself... Everyone loves some one who is happy with themselves. I agree with Nightsky, join a club, or a sport.
  • Smile at everyone that passes you by, and NEVER forget to say Hi! "NOTE: When AB runs slow, don't hut the SUBMIT button on a new question or answer more than once. It will submit the question more than once, and duplicate questions is an AB no-no."
  • Keep buying the house rounds and tell the funniest jokes.
  • A friendly personality ... plenty of positive energy and always be a good listener.
  • Chat with them, invite them over, play sports, do afterschool activities if your in school...etc
  • The best way to make a friend is to be a friend. Take an interest in what others are interested in. Be prepared to listen as much as you talk. Be genuine.
  • People need to put their phones down and look up once in a while. Stop having conversations via social media.
  • not sure but when you figure it out let me know

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