• A bullet for John and cancer for George.
  • John ~ bullets. George ~ cancer.
  • John Lennon died from massive blood loss due to a gunshot wound and George Harrison died due to complications from Cancer.
  • Pretty sure a bullet took lennon out and cancer took out harrison
  • John Lennon was killed by Mark Chapman, a mentally disturbed man. who shot him 4 times on December 8, 1980 just outside of Lennon's home in New York City. He was 40. more here: George Harrison died from cancer of the throat on November 29, 2001. He was 58. more here:
  • I'd say inappropriate use of "quotation marks" is what killed them. No... that's what killed me. Damn it people. Stop with the senseless use of "quotes" when they don't make any "sense." And "yes," I am using them inappropriately in this answer on "purpose."
  • guns and cancer
  • I truly believe that it is to much of a coincidence that George can survive the cancer as long as he did, and then just happen to die less then two years after he was stabbed to the point of having lots of blood loss and a punctured lung. The last thing the England Health ministry wants is to be on the hook for letting a crazed lunatic walk the streets and kill a Beatle, an icon of the music industry. Nevertheless, my personal gut feeling says George died from the 20 centimeter long knife wound that penetrated his lung cavity twice. It's just my opinion. John died from a gun, and George from a knife. Jay S Thomson Kelowna, BC Canada

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