• Stay out of the gym and feast in the fast food joints. Keep your physical activity down, drive where you can. This will chunk you out a little faster as well as add to your driving skill stat.
  • jus stand there for ages and when it say ur hungry leave it. once ur fat has gone ur muscle will start to go. this is useful for dating helena as she likes men with no muscle
  • All you have to do is type in the No Fat or Muscle cheat.If you want some fat then goto a fast-food place.
  • go to san andreas shortcut right click go to properties then click on find target a window open where game is installed now go to data folder and find something ar_stats file open with notepad and then under amount stats get decremented change the value to a big number (1000) save the file. run the game swim in water until muscle decrease icon takes approx 5 min. "make a backup of ar_stas".

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