• Yes, but more often it is a sign of infection in the sinuses
  • Yes it can. But instead of guessing, go to a doctor and see what he/she says.
  • Vey much so, especially of food allergies, whihc most doctors don't want to discuss. May I recommend a book called False Fat Diet that talks about alot of allergies and the effect they have on us, including making us fatter.
  • There's only one way that is easy and 100% will cure your sore throat fast, using regular salt. Take a salt shaker and shake it 2 to 4 times straight to your throat every 2 hours. Very important to do it before your bedtime and throughout the night if you wake up. I've tried this, it's like a miracle. I found this here they have a video how to do.
  • definitely, i remember one time when i had a sore throat for 6 months, i went and saw a throat doctor and i found out my throat was hurting cause it was swelling up cause of allergies, now i know what my allergies are and i now take stuff like benadryl and claritin and my throat stopped hurting

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