• 1 more than you can afford
  • Depends on the amount of money and time your family has to offer each child.
  • For me, personally, one is enough! As much as I love my child ~ even one is difficult at times.
  • Any more than two is just too many in these days and times. Gone are the days that families needed to have 6 to 10 kids to help work as "farmhands" on the family farm.
  • Depends on the family. I've seen happy families with 13 kids and some tht were a mess with one.
  • i don't think there is a number that is too many. if you can afford to give them all good chances at life and get them all off to a good start then its not too many. if the first 10 get to go to college but the last 4 don't, then you probably have 4 too many.
  • I think no more than 2-3 is necessary and plus its expensive to raise children.
  • Ask Brangelina.
  • As many as the families finances can bear! It's really a personal decision.
  • Eighteen. One a year, every year, for eighteen years. That's a bit much. My great grandfather had his hands full doing that, and had to run through three different wives to make it happen.
  • One is too many if it is neglected. I think two is probably the maximum. Anything over that and it is hard to get the quality time and resources to take care of them and give them anything extra to help them in the world. I have to wonder how socially and environmentally responsible it is to have a big family, even if you can afford it and would be wonderful parents. The average american generates about 15000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year which has a drastic effect on global warming. Consider watching "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore about the future of the planet with global warming. The rate of growth in the population is just getting out of control. China has eased up on it's one child per family rule. Population really does have an effect on the environment. We need more land for growing food, more animals are born and slaughtered, we use more of our fresh water supply that is not endless, and by doing all this we give off more carbon dioxide. Looking forward to comments.
  • More than you can feed and house on your income.
  • I know a family near to where I live who have 14 children, but they are in a bad way, I feel so sorry for the kids as they run around without shoes with cut feet. The older kids look after the younger ones and the 4 bedroomed house they manage to squeeze into is in a state. I have 3 children, and in my eyes that is quite enough! We just about manage but I have to work to pay our mortgage and we never can afford nice holidays...its just a way of life for some people but I do think that it is unfair to have a large amount of children, how are you going to manage to find enough time and energy to put into them? The three kids we have are always fighting for our attention.
  • I don't really think there is such a thing as too many. Then again, I come from a large family.
  • Any more than you can afford or have planned for.
  • i think that one is already a lot considering the fact that the child is always going to need you while is still under your care. children are expensive no matter how many you have, and is not going to stop being like that.
  • Depends on how many your can afford and care for properly at a good standard, I have 4 children all are well looked after and very loved, all are well mannered, work hard at school and respect people and well dressed and all of them have hobbies which we work to pay for so they can have a good childhood

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