• Sure why not
  • Would be nice.
  • Maybe. The performance of many hybrid cars simply isn't equall to their sister gas models yet. Then there's the contention that the manufacture of a hybrid actually uses more natural resources than building a traditional auto (transport needs for certain parts, manufacturing methods, etc.) If that's true, it wouldn't make much sense.
  • Good Question !
  • Yes so i look like a person helping the enviroment. To Be a good samaritin.
  • No way! I'd rather drive my car. My 2000 honda civic hatchback gets 37mpg, and can kill a hybrid in a road race! Not to mention I already have it. To purchase a hybrid when you already have a good car is just adding to the problem, not solving it. Plus let's not get into the chemicals in the battery, the energy cost associated with making two engines and shipping them across the world...
  • No - hybrids are not the solution - i think economical gas or diesel is the answer
  • The Honda Insight was as cheap new cars but no one bought. The reason is 2 seater and extremely small. They get up to 70mpg. Also the EV1 was completely electric and was extremely quick. The car company took them away. Look up Who Killed The Electric Car in Google.
  • yes if they made them large and in four wheel drive. I live in a Northern rural area(4WD necessary) and have been hit while driving a small car(not a good thing).
  • No way. Batteries cost too much to replace. Basically your car is totaled in a few years when it needs new batteries. Fuck hybrids. Give me a 3MPG plymouth w/ a built 440 and I'll cruise down the highway w/ the A/C on and my windows open just to piss off the tree hugging weenies.
  • yes definatly! why wouldn't you?!
  • YES! they are great for the environment and are cheap on gas. I drive one now!
  • why not? the only reason people still use non hybrid cars is because they are so expensive... generally people just tend to buy whatever is cheaper

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