• To me, feminism is not about equal rights. It's about female superiority. It's about women who want to be my boss and have me buy them dinner. Let the flame wars begin!
  • To me feminism is about some women thinking they should have special rights and privledges. At one time it may have been about equality but I personally think at this point in time women do have equal status. The term "man-hater also comes to mind. As for being afraid of it... No. I can just feel the negative points a comin'...
  • Feminism IS about equal rights. Women are still paid less than men for the same job. It's also about legal rights to decisions about our own bodies, and with Roe vs. Wade recently reversed, it's an issue again. The media (Rush Limbaugh's femi-nazi) has done a lot to make the issues misunderstood and ridiculous, but it's still the principle that women should havepolitical, economic and social rights equal to men. If you think we do, reference the questions on AB referring to if America is ready for a woman president. Why would anyone be afraid of women having equal rights?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      The gender pay gap is a fallacy and not supported by facts. If what you say is true, taking it to it's logical conclusion would mean that employers would hire more women than men because they're cheaper. Also, Roe v Wade was NOT reversed. And I don't think anyone cares about having a woman president. A black person. Or gay. It's all about the policies that any candidate wants to implement that people start to question.
  • Equality and no.
  • It started as reaction to gender inequality. Some countries and religions still don't believe the woman is human being. Right know it exceeded initial cause. Unisex fashion, sexual harassment legislations, mere inter-gender communications are extra complicated because of those extreme fanatics. I don't afraid :) It's just pity that women lose feminine nature.
  • To me, feminism means equality for women and men together, and no, I am not afraid of it. I am for it.
  • Why would anyone fear a word?
  • I'm an absolute, fully paid-up card-carrying, unashamed feminist, and I believe any woman who can read this question and answer who isn't one too should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Feminism saved our lives, and it carries on saving our lives all the time. It saved mens' lives too - and if you don't understand that you really need to get a better grasp on history and life in general.
  • Why in God's name would anyone fear women in equal positions of power as men? And which school of feminism are you referring to? There are more than just one theory & ideology on the subject and multiple movements, from antiquity to the middle ages and on. I'm going to assume you're talking about modern feminism. To me "feminism" means being able to be proud of being female rather than feeling inferior to men or treated as a second class of citizens. And being feminist doesn't mean that you can't be feminine.
  • I think feminism is now dated. The movement made it's point and has been of both great value and great detriment in certain areas throughout the years. But it's mainly used these days I think as a stick to beat men with, or an excuse for women to get what they want (I didnt think they ever had much problem with the latter anyway). I would like to see the rise of "masculinism" - men uniting to get better treatment from the women of this world who have gotten themselves carried away not with being equal, but with being superior. In fact I think the white male has quite a fight on his hand against the whole positive discrimination agenda!
  • Feminism means women are angels and men are absolute scum. I'd rather be called an equalist.
  • We should be wary of confusing feminism with equalism. Equalism, unlike feminism, is about recognizing that men and women are born DIFFERENT but are of EQUAL WORTH, and entitled to FAIR TREATMENT under JUST LAWS. Note the words in capitals, they are of the essence. Are not feminism and masculism gender-based, gender-biased, and therefore DIVISIVE? Equalism regards all men and women as PEOPLE regardless of their gender and colour of their skin. Some feminists try to hijack the name equalism in an attempt to shrug off their discredited feminism label. BUT THEIR THINKING REMAINS FEMINIST RATHER THAN EQUALIST. Feminism and equalism are two quite different things, reflecting completely different attitudes. It was the greater equalist movement (rather than the feminism movement itself) which delivered universal voting rights and the other things we today take so much for granted.
  • Unfortunately, I think the "Feminist Movement" has been hijacked by the "femi-nazis" who have turned it into a man-hating kinda thing. Not too many reasonable folks are against equal rights, but when you have women leaving the movement in droves, that should tell you something.

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