• You could go to the store where the gift card is good at and sell it at a discount to someone for cash. There are so many scam artists selling bogus gift cards that I doubt you will find a taker.
  • You can get about half the value in cash at a pawn shop. And Ebay also, you can get more but you will have to wait longer.
  • There is a new website that allows you to transfer most of your card's value into your PayPal account instantly. Of course they charge a fee for the service, but it's not too bad. It only works on the cards issued by credit card companies, such as Visa, MC, Discover. If you have a store gift card then you can try one of the many buy/sell/trade sites, but I cannot vouch for any of those.
  • Sometimes if you go to the store the gift card is for and ....beg i guess lol....they will exchange it for you. but most likely not...i would suggest going to a young person at the service desk... ive worked in retail and theres an option on the registers you can press gift card exchange and decide whether to give it back in cash or credit/debit. good luck!!

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