• Yes, that is exactly what that means. It also means you should watch your back around him. Whatever your belief system is, it doesn't make any sense to stray from it just because doing so is more convenient or pleasurable. That completely negates the need for having that system in place to begin with.
    • C3Po
      you may be too free radical about your assumption, someone with flexible morals isnt always a freak.
  • Yup. If you can change your morals as quickly as the wind changes, you are, in fact, immoral.
  • Sounds like he'll do just about anything for a buck, or to profit him in some way.
  • That's what it sounds like to me.
  • He can be swayed either way, according to what benefits his preference. I would not consider someone like that to be of good moral upstanding. I would not trust him.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I don't trust people like that either, Yeux.
  • It probably just means that he can see certain situations where you cannot steadfast in your morals. Morality is relative.
    • Bootsiebaby
  • It means that, like me, he has his limits but may push them due to extenuating circumstances. For instance, killing is wrong but what if the person had a knife to your child's throat and threatened to slit their throat? Would you stay moral and allow your kid to die or would you be flexible in your morals and take their life first? You may say, "But killing in defense is different!". Therein is the flexibility. Without knowing the guy, I would give him the benefit of a doubt.
  • It's unlikely he has no morals. The most common trait for so called "morally flexible" people is the ability to ignore or "switch off" their morals. They know the difference between right and wrong but are able to out that to one side normally in order to achieve certain goals. This is a trait commonly looked for in FBI,CIA,MI5/6,Black-ops agents.
  • Yes, it is a euphemism for having no morals at all.
    • C3Po
      no its not, considering no morals in a person is categorized as a psychopath i wouldnt assume such drastic accusations. morally flexible can mean many many things, and it depends on his boundries of comforbility. for example a police officer is morally flexible, in the line of fire a normal citizen would duck and cover, run! a police officer is trained to have certain morals about this situation and he would stay and fight. there are dozens of example of alternate motivations or things one person would do vs the other. its not right its not wrong. thats the beauty of the grey area of ethics.
  • i wouldn't say he has no morals, i would say his morals are not the same as usual people. say for example a man is asked to partake in a sexual experience that is out of his comfort zone. this mans morals would tell him no, i'm not comfortable with that so i'm not doing it. on the other hand a man with flexible morals may consider these sexual advances as an interesting opportunity. having flexible morals can pertain to crime, sexual orientation, the entertainment that we watch, ethics and many other aspects of life we consider to be in the grey area of right and wrong. just because he is morally flexible it doesn't mean he/she is a freak, it just means he has a different level of boundaries when it comes to certain situations that would make others uncomfortable. I would in a sense give him/her credit because someone with flexible morals (like myself) is much more open to the stranger things in life. cheers. (since i'm morally flexible as well feel free to pick my brain.)
  • 2-13-2017 When two or more people live in the same area they have to adopt some rules about who does what to whom. Any such rule is called a mor

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