• none. all of these wars are just ways to divert public money to private groups. None have any proven amount of success either..
  • I dislike the word "war" in addressing poverty and drugs. Those are human conditions that should be much more of a priority for us all. If we weren't so keen to spend money on bombing other countries, we'd have the resources to successfully address these issues. Terrorism is a different story. But none of these issues really have anything to do with "war", especially the one we're in now.
  • I would say the war on poverty. It is a major contributing factor to the other two 'wars'.
  • Of the three listed, I'd go with the war on poverty. As PixieDark wrote in her excellent answer, get rid of poverty and you do some serious damage to the other two problems, especially terrorism. While people take drugs for various reasons, some of which are unrelated to poverty, you rarely see terrorists coming from places like Beverly Hills or Brentwood. I realize that Osama Bin Laden's family is wealthy, but he seems to be an anomaly as far as the average terrorist goes.
  • Poverty is the most crucial problem around the world, including the US.
  • Poverty. With the money the US spends on weapons for the war in a month they could end poverty in Africa forever! Where are the intelligent people in congress??
  • The War on Drugs is a war on the poor. If we got rid of the drug war that would go a long way towards helping everyone. I support the war on terror the most.
  • Terror. If terror is not destroyed it will destroy all of us.
  • If I had to choose between these 3 options, I would choose a "war on poverty." However, there are various issues that cause poverty other than money. It's the ability to earn money and in some cases the willingness to try to earn money. That's not to say there aren't people who are truly needy (I might be considered one of them as I don't make a whole lot of money, I'm on the lower end). I just don't think that a welfare system works. It discourages people from trying to make an effort.
  • Drugs are a major cause of poverty in America today. Poverty is a major cause of drug use. It is a vicious cycle. All I can do about terror is pray and cooperate with the inconveniences asked of me at airports and places like that. I am willing to do my part in that way, stand in line, respect the people who are keeping us safe, and pay taxes to support them. I also support and pray for our military people. I am concerned about a politics of fear and massive surrender of personal freedom for the sake of personal safety. I support all legitimate efforts to fight this crime. Calling it a war sort of legitimizes it as political conflict between national political entities. It is crime conducted by criminals. I am personally involved with the war on drugs by helping people get free of their addictions and the war on poverty through empowerment of people and communities. I am not a General in these wars or a great soldier, but I am doing my little bit. I can claim more personal involvement in these areas. I'd like to see all three come to an end - poverty, drug abuse, and terrorism.

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