• Tea tree oil zaps most things
  • orange juice, lots of vitamin C
  • Salt water gargles. Burns like hell but it works.
  • a preservative called bht available at the health food store, you may have to special order it, works like magic. i have used it for years, myself, kids, sister. great stuff. thoes cancer sores can be painful. BHT is the answer. good luck. i think TWIN LAB makes it.
  • Brush your teeth then rinse well with Listerine/ Especially before bed but preferable 2-3 times a day and it should be gone in 3-4 days with the pain stopping before.
  • vineger.
  • I guess a Canker Sore is a Mouth Ulcer? If so here is some advice: "The exact treatment will depend on the cause of the ulcer. Sometimes all that is required is to remove the cause of the ulcer, such as a sharp tooth. The following self-care measures may help to reduce pain from mouth ulcers: * keep your mouth clean at all times, * avoid foods that are spicy, acidic, salty or particularly hot or cold, which can make the symptoms worse, * eat a healthy diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, * gargle with warm salt water, * use a diluted chlorhexidine mouthwash once a day to help reduce the length of time the ulcers last. * sprays and rinses are also available for pain relief. You can also use special products that are available from your pharmacist: * Adcortyl in Orabase. Dry the area first with a cotton wool bud and then use a wet finger or the back of a spoon to put the cream on the sore area. You can use it up to four times a day after meals. However, it is most effective to use this cream late at night as it stays there for longer. You may find it has a gritty feel in your mouth * Corlan Pellets are small bitter tasting tablets that dissolve in your mouth releasing a drug that acts on the ulcer. Place them near the ulcer. You can use them four times a day. There are many preparations that you can buy without prescription. However, you should consult your dentist in case you need additional medications or if the ulcers persist."
  • I discovered this really great thing from I think Orajel (sp?). Its a tablet that you stick to your canker sore and it stays there, in fact it doesn't come off for hours. It REALLY helps because you don't feel the pain of the canker sore since its compeltely covered, plus the tablet is medicated so it speeds healing. I am SO GLAD they came out with this invention because I am such a baby when I get canker sores. I found them at Walgreens.
  • USE SALT! PUT IT STRAIGHT ON THE SORE! Yes it will hurt, but only for about 5 seconds...and then it gets a little numb. --------------------OR------------------ I use an over the counter liquid called "Fletchers". It's a little brown bottle with a white and yellow label. This stuff is awesome for ALL sore mouth problems.
  • Peroxide and a q-tip. Dab it on..only stings at first and kills the bacteria (watch it bubble). Canker sore sholud be gone in 24hrs.

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