• Not really. i wouldn't like to kill some of the animals myself but eating them doesn't bother me.
  • No. I like eating meat. What does bother me is how much of the animal is wasted when it has plenty of potential uses.
  • Not at all. I don't do the killing either - but our bodies require it
  • No. Nature in all entirity is founded on one species eating another - it's just the way life goes - the circle of life, if you will. Personally, I don't eat much meat because I don't like the taste/texture of most meats - I eat more fish and shellfish than meat and poultry, though I do like the occasional steak, (and venison, ostrich and rabbit meats when I can afford them). And salami.
  • Not at all. I agree with the person who is bothered by the waste. I'm also not fond of the factory farm type of situation. But some things die for others to live (and in the end the bacteria and fungi get us all), so I don't see anything wrong in eating meat.
  • Exactly the opposite: For the longest time I was a staunch vegetarian, which then turned into a sometimes-vegetarian, which then turned into a "I'll eat meat, but I'll feel really really bad about it." Eventually I stopped kidding myself and owned up to the fact that I don't see anything wrong with eating meat. There's way more productive ways to help the environment, and I just couldn't bring myself to feel strongly enough about the issue to not eat meat.
  • My wife and I have been vegetarians for about 20 some odd year. Mostly for ethical reasons. We see no need to kill to live. Another question is, if you killed your pet, would you eat it?
  • I am vegetarian, but I don't see eating meat as anything wrong or bad.
  • Not really, if we weren't meant to eat meat then animals would have been created invincible.
  • if eating meat is wrong, i don't want to be right i eat the ugly feathered and finned animals only
  • No not at all, as long as we respect the life that was lost and that we don't waste or misuse the animal. I don't like food waste or animal mistreatment. For many years my husband and I have raised most of what we eat. It's important to us that the animals are well treated and raised naturally in a kind environment. And we have taken this responsibility ourselves. We don't want others to do this for us with no appreciation of what went into it. I hate the idea of animals suffering in cramped quarters and scared, prodded with electric prods,and the way they kill some animals is awful. So we chose to do this because we had the land and the space.
  • no. I love meat!
  • Doobie, from what I've seen you type, brussel sprouts are the least of your concerns!>!>! :)
  • Not at all. We are omnivores, we eat plants AND animals. That's just the way it is.
  • yes. white or red meat if it is in excess.
  • Only if the critter isn't dead before I start chowing.
  • Yep! It's evil. It makes me angry that animals are tortured and abused before being killed and their deaths are inhumane too. I won't even cook meat, let alone eat it.
  • I think our goal should be to replace meat with grown products that taste exactly the same and do the same for us nutritionally. And I also think it's high time we got on with manipulating genes, so that parents can chose to have babies that are smarter, more talented, compassionate and constructive. I think we could weed out the genes that cause assholes and bullies and warmongers to be born at all. And frankly, if the aliens do come and wipe us out because we made out whole race passive and peaceful, so couldn't defend ourselves, so what! Would that really be worse than how things are now? If we didn't make decisions by splitting into two imaginarily opposed teams who cancel out each other's efforts alternately ("political parties"), and ultimately just let the rich fleece us by commandeering control of everything....if we instead made decisions based on WHAT WOULD BE GOOD *serious frown* (well, what, is it hard? really?? yikes THAT'S why we need to genetically advance the race to be a LOT smarter than the mentally challenged average now!@). ...THEN we could get things done. BUT, until then, a lot of people are way too poor to be vegetarians. And sparte me the "it can be done cheaply", because poor means POOR. And there are 90 million people in the U.S. who used to be the working class...most of them live in parking lot now and have to survive on food stamps and handouts. And of course, the food stamps get perpetually cut (not that anyone should complain, since it's for a good patriotic cause (ie, so that billionaires don't have to pay taxes)(or obey laws)(or pay employees) *waves flag and throws up* ..............We are not stable and balanced and economically sound enough at this point for any positive change to occur, including switching to a more expensive diet, that has to be learned and carefully maintained. Plus, those "assholes, bastards and thieves (and bullies)" I mentioned wouldn't give up chawing meat off of animal bones, OR their gun, flag, or republican card or secret kkk membership!. .....You know the sound of them "If yew dont like it, you cin get owt!" .You'd better serve humanity by working to de-power assholes, and empower their impoverished victims, than to try popularizing something only a few could actually do at this point and we're just not ready. Hell, the U.S. is so bumpkin, it doesn't even demand national health!! ....I'll tell ya what. Fortgewt all that. Let's use that genetic engineering to make the monkeys smarter than us, so they'll go all Planert Of The Apes on our asses, and eat us foer a change. Hmm? Oh I know what youre thinoing. "Why doesnt Mr Pants run for president"? Well, you're right, it's a tragedy that I'm not in charge of the world, but I would require dictator status to get anything done, so spread the word and start *wakes form revelry* Ooops. Was I doing the "dicktator" thing again? Yea, sorry. Sometimes I slip a gear and go all Donald Trump meets Hitler and f**ks him. *shrug* But I am kind to small animals. I have a cat even, and he's my best pal. I'd jump in front of a car to save him if I had to (knocks on particle board)(well, I cant afford any real wood, but it's ok, it's for a good cause. It's so billionaires dont have to pay taxes and..oh we did this? Oh. *waves flag and throws up anyway*
  • Nope! I am happy to report that all the humanistic drivel, morals, ethics and pseudoscience of the friggin-vegans, PETA, and ARM fall on deaf ears with me.
  • God game animals to man as food - so it could never be wrong.
  • all animals eat meat ,even cute birds and fish eat meat ..cats dogs/ every wild animal eats meat ,we humans are animals so we need meat too
  • Humans evolved from apes because humans started eating protein, while apes continued to eat plants. Chimps eat meat periodically and they behave more like humans than any other ape species by warring with other groups and the males are violent especially against females. Gorillas are strict vegetarians and are quite docile unless threatened.

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