• They're bound to make more movies, the only thing that could stop them would be the end of the world. Oh, you mean more Pirates of the Caribbean movies - same answer.
  • its Disney, I cant think of anything they havent bled dry...
  • Here's the thing. Disney got a hold of a huge cast for a bunch of movies that have absolutely KILLED at the box office, not to mention once they come out on DVD and any products/toys that are made. They're gonna make Pirates movies until Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightley, and Orlando Bloom are all DEAD. Maybe even more than that. PS The same goes for Shrek and Spiderman, my friends. Not that this knowledge is going to stop me from seeing all three of the most recent trilogies that are coming out in the next few
  • I think that if the movie is funny and a good film, they could make more and still not consider it bleeding it dry. When they stop being enjoyable to watch, then it's done bed dry and should be buried.
  • They totally left themselves open at the end of #3 for making numerous sequels. I expect to see at least one more, if not several. Johnny Depp has said that as long as the scripts are good, he'll keep playing Jack Sparrow...
  • I think they will do at least a spin of the Pirates movies, involving Jack and a few of the other major cast members, from what I heard. I am excited to hear more about it, and would love to see them, also. I adore Capt. Jack Sparrow!
  • I think they have already bled it dry the first one was enough for me. What I would like to see is a Jack Sparrow movie now him I could go on watching forever. Johnny Depp is just fantastic
  • Someone told me that for those who stay until after the credits there is a "secret ending" that hints at another sequel. If anyone knows about it, that would be great.

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